(In my whole life I have never wanted to spend time on so much filth.  Abbotsford wake up!  This is what your Christian leaders have brought to your city.  All of the following is an email I got from someone this morning,…..deleting nothing. You cannot allow Henry Braun, Dave Loewen, Les Barkman, or Ross Siemens to give you their pap about what the Gay ‘Pride’ flag stands for.  It makes me ill to forward this, but in this moral vacuum of leadership, a great evil has moved in to our city.  I say nothing about the rest of council because I do not know that they call themselves Christians.  They too will stand before God, but for those four men,……”Judgment begins with the house of God.”)    All the following is from people I don’t know, but those pictures are too real. –  Gerda 

Fwd: Fw: Dominion Day/4th of July:** I  received this from a concerned friend…  I would normally NEVER send out such pictures to ANYONE – but just as with the grotesque beheadings and crucifixions that ISIS is committing in the Middle East, it seems people refuse to believe or deal with the reality of evil unless you PROVE it to them with PHOTOS! In this case, most of the mainstream media are avoiding showing the public what is really going on at “Pride” events… so if you ever need to provide an example of what Toronto has to endure, here it is… Good people have kept their heads in the sand (and their mouths shut) too long… if we don’t stand up and speak out against the filth that is overtaking the world, it will soon overwhelm us.  If it’s a crime for someone to “expose” himself in a park, why not in a parade?!!  But no, the police are feeling obligated to join in and ‘celebrate’ it!  In fact, the pressure for everyone to go along with this kind of stuff is becoming suffocating. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who promotes, attends or participates in “Gay Parades” is supporting what can be seen below (be sure to follow the link to see all the official political / educational / police participation!!) and all it represents… and they are welcoming it to their home town’s main street. And that is what their “flag” represents to me. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Miroslav of BlogWrath writes up the Annual Gay Parade every year.  He is as disgusted as all of us.  Imagine children seeing this freak show – but then, what sort of parents would bring their children to watch this? The view from Toronto: As disturbing as this is to a rational person….. you’d better look at it….. What they ‘celebrate’ in Toronto is coming to Abbotsford…. and  your Mayor and Council signed off on it…… Click on the link….   http://www.blogwrath.com/toronto-homosexual-week-2015/buck-naked-people-and-other-freaky-moments-from-toronto-pride-parade-2015/7290/ Here is a sample of what they are so “proud” of… *** *** P.S. July 1, 2015 Today…….. as crowds…..10,000 people within a city block of my place…. indulge in hotdogs, pop, shows and fireworks…. I will remain home and reminisce about the country I once knew…. now relegated to the ash heap of history…… 😦