The June 29th – 3PM meeting is now available on the Abbotsford website:

If you listen to Dave Loewen’s response to Richard’s ten-minute delegation speech, I think he will remove all doubt as to whose side of heaven or hell he represents on our city council.

In the past few years, Dave Loewen never took a  stand against the use of our publicly-owned buildings, when they were being used for filthy, degrading events.  Under this christian leader the ‘Naughty but nice sex show’ took place at Tradex.  With his permission the AESC was rented to Mitchell Mortaza, allowing him to call Abbotsford home to his exploitive, sick pretence of a sport named Lingerie Football League.

I fought against my/our publicly paid-for buildings being used for gross immorality.  There were sufficient guidelines already on the city books to give council the authority to decline some requests.  But Loewen and Les Barkman, church-going men, never made a stand for righteousness — not that I ever saw, or heard, or read in print.  I would welcome proof to the contrary.

In fact it is more bleak than merely not defending godly morality in our city: Les Barkman made a point of talking to me after an evening council meeting held in the Clearbrook Library.  So we stood outside long after everyone else had left.  It was the first time Barkman had done anything beyond say “Hello” to me, but this time he wanted me to know in no uncertain terms that he was in contact with ALL the major religious groups in town, and that I was the ONLY person who thought taboo sex shows and women tackling each other in underwear were abhorrent uses of our public venues. Barkman might be close to the truth about spiritual ‘leaders’ in Abbotsford, though I hope he is dead wrong,……about all those groups. But Mr. Barkman is wrong in thinking there are no true Christians in his city…….they just thought the place was in good hands, so didn’t need to expend their time and energy keeping an eye on council.

Now, quite a few people are astounded that it was Dave Loewen who put forward the motion to raise a gay pride flag in triumph over Abbotsford, and that the other Christian men on council voted in favour of this awful move.

Mayor Bruce Banman happily marched in the gay pride parade last year.  This year,  Mayor Henry Braun, Dave Loewen, Les Barkman and Ross Siemens, our elevated christian men will now raise high the flag of immorality, over the city they govern. Under a christian mayor,  and three declared Christian men, militant pride gained even more power over our city.

This is a battle in the heavens, far bigger than those four men who have badly let God down.  Militant gay “Pride’ demands the right to normalize their view of sexual freedom, not only for their own circle and children, but they demand the right to indoctrinate all children in publicly-funded schools to affirm endorse, celebrate and embrace, – homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestitism and anythingism. What a bleak future awaits our precious young people when loving parents, instead of calling after their children going out the door to socialize with their friends, call out after them,  not…. ‘Darling you forgot your coat’, but  ……….”Darling don’t forget your condoms.”  God have mercy on our nation.

The Church, as in the people of God, have been dozing for a long time, and I think that while the buildings are still full and the worship teams have become more professional, the bride of Christ has opted for the easy life.  To stand against Satan and his servants might cost us, ……. maybe we’ll lose our tax-exemption.  Maybe we’ll be labelled, narrow-minded, bigots, hateful.

But it’s only LOVE for God that compels believers to face hardship, if that need be, rather than let a lost world stumble off to eternal separation from our creator and Lord.  But God is not only a God of love, he is also the only just Judge, and he warns us severely about the present and eternal consequences of rebellion against his perfect will for our lives.

Councillor Sandy Blue said they have received hundreds of letters, on both sides of the issue. So people are engaged in this battle for the souls being led astray, away from the Lord of glory. Thank you God, that some of our citizens have the courage to stand against this normalization of deviant sexual behaviour.

Dave Loewen repeatedly intones that the city should not legislate morality, while he and the rest of council seem bent on celebrating immorality.  Whatever request comes before them, no matter how abhorrent to clean living, no matter how it eats at the moral fabric of society, … the Christian men on our council, with rare exception, indicate they will approve it.

Canada is a secular, democratic country.  We have wonderful freedom here to live as we wish. Christians in politics can’t and shouldn’t impose their religion on the rest of society.  But a born-again believer in the living God must be godly in everything he does, down to deciding whether cousin Jake gets the lucrative sewer contract, because he is a cousin, or whether Sam’s Sewer Services gets the contract because he’ll do a better job at a lower cost to the taxpayers.

A Christian never leaves who he really is at the church door. A Christian goes into the world as a child of God, touching the rest of humanity with the holiness of God.  A Christian cannot promote evil.  He/she will be a godly waitress, garbage man, accountant, lawyer…….a true Christian should strive to serve his Master every moment of his life.  Obviously the Christian has yet to be found who, in their own strength lives a sinless life, which is why we need Jesus to live within us by his Spirit.

We always need the Lord to forgive our failures and give us strength to overcome our lower nature.  But here, in Abbotsford, we have men on council who probably would not be elected without the christian vote.  Christians believed these men would reflect the holiness of the God they claim to serve.  Instead they seem bent on serving Satan, the enemy of all that is right and good.

Make no mistake about it, the gay pride flag symbolizes sexual behaviour that the God of time and eternity has declared to be sin.  If mankind persists in their rebellion against the laws of God they will pay a terrible price.  Mayor Henry Braun, Dave Loewen, Les Barkman and Ross Siemens represent God’s truth on council.  But now they lead vulnerable youth to embrace strident, militant and destructive rebellion against the Lord who created us all, who wants us to live full, meaningful, pure, holy lives with him at the centre of our being.

The Mennonites have sometimes referred to themselves as, ‘Die Stille im lande’, a wonderful tribute to their peaceful nature and quiet loving deeds.  But there is a time to speak,  –  thankfully I think Christians in our city are finding their voice. But, the mortal enemy of our souls has very little need to fear our christian leaders.

“Can wicked rulers be allied with You, those who frame injustice by statute?”