Dear Dave,

It has come to my attention that apparently you brought forward a motion at the June15th Abbotsford City Council Meeting to raise the Pride flag for one  week in July 2015 as per the email received below and other information also received and that you were one who voted to pass this motion. Is this information accurate and true?

If so, I wish to convey my deep dismay about your decisions as an elected Christian leading in our local city government.

All my three children went through MEI when you were there and looked up to you as a godly and Christian leader, which is what you would have needed to be in order to teach at MEI. And now this? How would I explain that to them if they would ask? How can you possibly justify what you have done to not show your true colors as a Christian? 

Surely you must know what is behind the facade of inclusiveness of the Pride community and then you have nothing to say about your Christian beliefs regarding the gay lifestyle, if you know that God abhors that lifestyle? If nothing else you could have said you were opposed to flying the Pride flag and also voted against it.  Moreover, you are the one to bring forward the motion to Council to fly that flag and also voted in favor. Incredible.

How many of the people who voted you in do you think would have wanted you to do these things? I know that as an elected representative that you need to think of the opinions of all the voters, but you still could have at least opened your mouth to say what you believe no matter how you voted, right? Was there not an opportunity where you could have spoken?

There is a very solemn warning to us Christians from Jesus found in Matthew 33:10:

English Standard Version
but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.

If I were you I would not be taking chances to find myself on the wrong side of that warning. 

Please, you could still take a stand for what is right and for what would please God by speaking out for your Christian faith at the next Council meeting on July 13th. However, if Abbotsford City Council wishes to try to please everyone about controversial matters like the Pride Flag, they may find that they have opened the proverbial Pandora’s box to many other requests for flag flying from special interest groups as diverse and even controversial as may be found in our community. ISIS loves to fly their flag, so should we also be inclusive to them if there were a request? How would you decide where to draw the line?

Certainly it should be enough if we fly the flag of our great country Canada and our beautiful province of British Columbia at City Hall and build unity in our community under those banners and no others. A flag calls for honor and allegiance and can also be a symbol of conquest and only the Canadian and BC flags ought to displayed at City Hall for our citizens to rally under in unity. Let people fly their own flags on their own properties as they wish and for as long as they wish, but not on public property. A very simple policy and easy to enforce.

I started this message with a question, to ask if what I have heard is true. If there is a good rationale for why you voted as you did as a Christian then I am interested in hearing that. I know there ways to justify how a Christian can be saltless and unidentifiable in the public marketplace and I am not interested in hearing those excuses. I am not aware that God has the equivalent for Airplane Mode for our Christian witness depending on where we happen to be.

May God give you great courage to do the right thing to honor His Name.

As a Christian I want you to know that I pray for you and for Council members whether I voted for you or not.

Albert Janzen