Yes, maybe opposition to something already sweeping away all opponents is not such a smart thing to do.

When even the president of the United States is all for celebrating and exalting sexual diversity, why would you be dumb enough to stand in the path of this juggernaut?

Well obviously a sane person doesn’t invite the flow of insult, invective and just plain filth, that standing against a ‘pride’ flag being hoisted in victory over my municipal building, has sent our way.  (I won’t use we here because it’s better for me to write my thoughts and for Richard to communicate in his own way.)

So if taking a stand makes you the object of so much disgusting, uninformed and cheap attack, why bother?  It’s worth noting that proponents of alternate sexual mores make the claim that they are on this strident march because historically and in the present, they have been subjected to too much insult, pain and rejection from the ‘straight‘ community.

I think that has been true in the past.  But today we all share the same rights and privileges under the law of the land, and that is as it should be.  We already have laws governing physical assault and theft, bullying…….but the claim is made that the ‘rest‘ of society  must be forced to move beyond mere acceptance of gay sex to endorsing, and embracing and affirming and celebrating their preferred method of intimacy.

It is here that the pendulum has swung too far.  Far beyond the goal of ‘live and let live’ the gay pride militants demand the right to trespass and trample over the folk who reject the claim that anything goes.  Many people know that God created male and female to complement each other.  God, the only Lord and creator of us all, and of the entire universe has spoken clearly and often about human sexual relations, and there is no ambiguity, neither in the physical reality of the human body, or in the Bible, God’s guidebook for our lives.

No one can live up to God’s holy standard, so in mercy and love God gave his only son to be born into the human family in order to take our collective sin upon his own body on the cross of Calvary.  Because of Jesus death for us and his victory over sin and death, anyone who believes in him can be born again, given his holy spirit, and start life anew.  In Jesus strength, like newborn babies Christians start on a different road,…….one that leads to eternal life.  Life then is lived on a higher plane, coming to your heavenly father through the spirit of Christ.  Believers can come into his presence all the time, know his peace, and joy and love.

Conforming to the will of the new master of our souls is to grow in liberty.  Sin is any and all rebellion against the perfect will of our creator.  He created us in his own image, in the garden of Eden, perfect and sinless.  We, in our forefathers rebelled against his perfect will back then, and have continued on that downward road ever since.

There was no way out for lost humanity.  We were bound by our sinful nature, slaves to Satan, the enemy of our souls.

But Jesus looked down from heaven in love and saw our hopeless and helpless condition.  So in love Jesus left heaven to live among us, fully human and still fully divine.

Jesus alone could be the sacrificial lamb for lost humanity.  He was pure and holy, without spot or blemish.

The message of Christianity is the only hope for a lost world.  The Bible is the word of life.  Salvation in Christ is the free gift of God, extended to all who will believe and come to Christ in faith.

God, who is the master designer and creator of humanity, ——alone——- has the right to dictate how we should live our brief time on earth.  Death is the universal leveller, and then what?…….Then we step into eternity.

There are two eternal destinations.  God offers abundant life in his presence forevermore.  But rejection of his love offered in Jesus, means certain doom.  There is a second eternal destination, forever cast out of the presence of the one who created you.

Who rules our hearts and minds and souls here below,… it the holy God, or Satan our mortal enemy who wants to separate us from God?  Satan wants to steal, kill and destroy the children of God.  Run to the refuge of the Father’s loving arms.

Our heavenly father has written the rule book for our lives.  He knows our weaknesses, specifically in the area of sexual relations.  God knows our inclination to depart from his perfect will, but he promises to give us strength to overcome our temptations.

The sweeping mores of militant gay pride are an attack on the holy laws of God.  If we love the Lord and our fellow man, as he tells us to do, than we will oppose demands for the normalizing of sexual behaviour that God calls sin.

Sexual immorality destroys society, leaves brokenness and pain and devastation in it’s wake.  While secular laws allow many acts that God calls sin, the believer in the only God of all the earth is called to withstand sin, so that the light of God may shine through the darkness of our fallen world.

God calls men having sex with men, and women having sex with women, ……..sin.  He warns repeatedly against such practices, and against all other sexual sins, like adultery, fornication and rape.

On June 15/15, here in the ‘Bible-belt’ of British Columbia, four men who declare themselves to be Bible-believing Christians led the city they govern into a decision to raise the flag of sexual immorality high above our city hall.

God warns from heaven against shepherds who lead their people astray.