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“Oh, I just want them to love Jesus,…that (‘pride’) flag is not important,”….but I would have a problem with it if this had been recommended by the ministerial.” ….said ‘John’, one of the team leaders of a large church in Abbotsford, as we were talking about the decision by his fellow Mennonites on council to promote a gay ‘pride’ flag atop our communal city hall.

Which Jesus does John want people to love? …….. Can it possibly be the same Jesus we read about in Scripture?

Why was this decision so hastily and rather sneakily made, in a city filled with many Bible-believing churches?

Are the streets of Abbotsford teeming with wild-eyed, gay-bashing thugs, that a severe corrective has become necessary?  If so the thugs have managed to keep a very low profile.  The Abbotsford News never informed us that there was rampant homophobic hate playing out all…

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