• Tina Stewart Gerda, respectfully, our Charter of Rights Gaurantees us many things, one of which is freedom of religion. Not all religions, Christians or not, believe what a person does in the privacy of their own bedrooms, between consentual adults, is immoral.
    I believe, you may not, that our city does indeed have a duty to lead by example. By standing next to ANY members of our community who are discriminated against (and yes the gay community is), our city is taking a huge step in leading by example.
    I also point out that in my opinion, your words categorizing the love between two people as immoral, is in itself, discriminatory, hurtful, hateful and, in my opinion, immoral.
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    • Gerda PeacheyHello Tina: I’m glad to live in a secular society, and glad that everyone is free to chose or reject any all religions, because a coerced conversion isn’t real.

      I’ve never advocated, or personally oppressed people for the choices they’ve made. But the ‘Pride’ pendulum has swing too far.

      There is a militant, insidious determination to force their agenda on the rest of society. Gay ‘Pride’ is not content to have every legal and social right along with any other group or individual. They already have that.

      A flag denotes great honour. Demanding their flag be raised above a city inhabited by a lot of people who are deeply concerned with the message about alternate life choices goes too far. And for me when their private choices now demand honour and recognition rarely bestowed on anyone, then win or lose, I must speak out.

      God created humankind, and he wrote the guidebook by which we can live full and meaningful lives in communion with our creator.

      That flag demands a tribute, an honour, not related to the sorts of things we all agree are worthy of lofty recognition. We can, and do heap praise on the broad spectrum of fellow citizens for merit-worthy achievements. ‘The ‘Pride’ distinctive is about what people are doing in the privacy of their rooms. ‘Whatever anyone is doing there is not something I want to know. Nor should children be brain-washed to think anything goes.

      I oppose giving any groups the right to force their practices into such an unseemly public display. ‘Pride’ flaunts sexual practices that defy God’s right and good laws.

      My opposition to the the raising of a flag in honour of anyone’s private business has nothing to do with oppressing anyone. But it’s certainly about standing against militant demands that other peoples’ precious children be given over to their influence. Impressionable kids go through years of figuring out the complexities of their own sexuality.

      Gay pride militants want to teach kids that any and all choices are fine. God calls that sin.

      (FOOTNOTE:  Here is what Tina Stewart and all the people superimposing the ‘Pride’ flag over their own faces are pushing for:  It’s hard for me to comprehend how so many people I think are quality, could advocate this filth.  This is the most difficult thing I have ever posted on my website.)