• Lynn Perrin Gerda I am glad that our Charter guarantees that we live in a secular state and protects me from being forced to practice religious beliefs that I do not ascribe to – whatever religion that happens to be. Do you really want Canada to be a religious state like Iran or Saudi Arabia where women have NO rights? Some fundamentalist Christian practices ie. Bountiful community (who’s “religious” practices are actually criminal: kidnapping and child sex abuse) are just as offensive to many of us in Canada as flying the rainbow flag at city hall is to some in Abbotsford. Gay people come from EVERY religious background including Christian.
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    • Gerda Peachey Hi Lynn: You have been my dear friend for a long time. We often poles apart on some deep philosophical issues, but like each other enough to hand out the other’s campaign material. In all these years of working together on a variety of matters, mostly local politics, you’ve never heard me ‘gay bash’ or spew hate for anyone who engages in alternate sex. That is how militant ‘pride’ wants to frame the debate, and the internet rules. Regardless of the strident voices, the question of human sexuality has been clearly defined by the creator of all mankind. God calls homosexual acts sin, and he does so with severe warnings about that and indeed all sexual immorality. Christians in Abbotsford were not foaming at the mouth breathing threats and harm to any target group. I most certainly was not. I like to garden, hang out with my jam, hike and hang out with you. It is an act of aggression against Bible believing Christians to DEMAND that their alternate views of sex should be forced ever more into the public realm, as in the right to mould the youth, not just their own but all the children into viewing deviant sexual behaviour as right, and good, and normal, to be given respect and even honour HIGH above our CITY HALL. I do not want to look at a symbol of what people are doing in intimacy, not for anyone at all. THE DISTINGUISHING feature of gay pride, is not the talents, skills, achievements of LGBQT+, the focus, as pushed by them is what they do about sex. NO, you cannot indoctrinate the rest of society to endorse, embrace, affirm and celebrate activity I know the Lord calls immorality. I have no idea whether many are my ‘my’ side. We really only hear from a few Christians. As you know Rich and I do not belong to any church in town. And I know that we started off having lost this battle before we barely knew about it,…….because there was no battle. There was only the christian, MEI teacher, respected leader in the christian community putting forward a motion to hoist a gay pride high atop our municipal government building. And right behind him, smiling, affirming that a symbol of sexual rebellion against the God of the Universe, came Les Barkman, Ross Siemens and the rest of council. So we started off lost. Whether this sorry lot has the moral fibre to reverse this appalling decision or not, I will not be silent. The end of the story of our brief sojourn on earth has been written. God is real. Heaven is real, and so is the enemy of our souls and eternal damnation, separated from the love of God forever. It is love to point people to God, it is hate to affirm people in their sinful ways.