To the people of Abbotsford: Mayor Henry Braun and the Council unanimously (Brenda Falk was absent) voted to raise the rainbow flag of the ‘gay Pride’ organization, on top of city hall for a week in July, 2015.

Mayor Braun and Councillor Dave Loewen say we have to celebrate and honour a group whose main distinction is what they do sexually. (You can find their vote on the city website.)

[**Note: Councillor Dave Loewen has objected to the previous paragraph, charging me with misquotation. I respond: I did not use quotation marks, so there is no “misquote.” The phrase “Mayor Braun and Councillor Dave Loewen say” is to be construed with the words “their vote.” What I am pointing out is that their vote in favour of raising the ‘Pride’ flag over our city communicates that we (the city as a whole) will celebrate, like it or not, what the ‘Pride’ organization stands for — i.e., “sexual diversity” — which many in our community would see as sexual immorality.]

The ‘Pride’ organization wants to teach our children that it is fine for men to have sex with men, and that it is fine for women to have sex with women.

‘Pride’ further wants the right to indoctrinate our children that sex should be freely engaged in with virtually no restraint.

Sexual immorality hurts individuals, cheapens every one involved, and destroys the moral fibre of our land.

God made us in his own image, and he gives us rules by which we can live wholesome, healthy, good lives on earth, as we walk in his spirit.

Teaching our youth to just do whatever they want sexually, hurts them and alters the course of their lives.

Raising a flag over our city hall signifies that Henry Braun, Dave Loewen, Ross Siemens, Moe Gill, Patricia Ross, Les Barkman, Kelly Chahal, and Sandy Blue are giving respect, honour, and dignity, and political approval to a group that wants to normalize homosexual acts. (Brenda Falk was absent.)

Our city council made a cowardly, hasty and unwise decision. They have no business promoting what people do in their beds, legal though it may be. Stick to the mandate of running the roads, water delivery, sewers, parks, schools, police and whatever else is right for the whole community.

Gay ‘Pride’ groups use a variety of initials like LGBTQ+ meaning lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer.

The charge is made that they must be given special status because they are being denied all the rights of ‘straight’ people, and that the rest of us hate and mistreat them. That is a highly exaggerated claim. Most of us would prefer not to know what people are doing in their intimate relationships, but conversely…….. we do not want LGBTQ+ agenda to be shoved into our lives, and into the lives of children.

Council has given LGBTQ+ the astonishing honour of having their flag fly over our city, for a week.

Our council has made some pretty bad, and costly decisions in the past. This hoisting of a ‘gay Pride’ flag on our civic building is by far the worst, and most foolish.

Please let Abbotsford’s mayor and council know where you stand on this terrible decision. Don’t think it is too late to oppose this, even though they slid their vote through in 5 fast minutes. If you woke up and realized there was an intruder in your home, would you sigh and say, oh dear, the intruder is already in our house, I guess there is nothing I can do? No, you would not say that. You would find whatever you could use, and you would fight to defend yourself, and your family, against the evil that had entered your home.

Fight this decision by phoning others who do not believe their precious children should be indoctrinated into believing anything and everything sexual is normal and good. Mayor Braun, Councillor Loewen and the rest, made this decision, they can unmake it.

There are more than enough influences in a child’s life to lead them astray. Our children do not need our elected politicians to be role models for deviant sex.

Gerda Peachey – Abbotsford