Sin is anything that separates us from God. We are all sinners, which is why only the death and resurrection of the Son of God can save us.

But things that cause us to sin should be overcome within ourselves, not indulged.

All forms of oppression, injustice, dishonesty, selfishness are sinful. We can’t make it to heaven by our own effort, so Jesus had to come to earth to save us. By living in the light of his word we can find strength to overcome our lower nature.

Sex outside of the laws God set for us humans whom he created in his own image, cause a great deal of suffering. Militant gay ‘pride’ demands the right to indoctrinate all of society, to view any and all sex acts as normal, right and good. ‘Pride’ even demands to be exalted,…. honoured with victorious flags flying in conquest over civic buildings.

Militant ‘pride’ demands the right to teach all children, via the public education system, that it is perfectly fine for men to have sex with men, and for women to have sex with women, and any and all variants conceivable are also fine. This is a deviation from the command of God, and he has much to say about it, knowing our weaknesses.

Secular law allows most adult, consented sex, but gay ‘pride’ demands much more than that. ‘Pride’ demands the right to bring their bedrooms, their sexual acts into our minds,…. demands that our precious kids be forced to hear and see behaviour their parents abhor.

God the creator of us all calls homosexual acts sin, and repeatedly warns us not to engage in sexual immorality. Those who do such things and teach others to follow them in their destructive ways are in danger of eternal damnation.

It is God, who is the Judge of us all,……….. and it is the Lord God with whom you have a quarrel.