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“Vancity Buzz” article on Abbotsford flag issue


Citizens for a Morally Strong Abbotsford <>

10:24 PM (1 hour ago)

An article on the Abbotsford flag-raising issue has just appeared in the “Vancity Buzz” online news. (Shown below.)
Here’s my comment on the article. (You may wish to click on the above link and enter a comment of your own.)

Richard_Peachey • 2 minutes ago

Despite the statements in the above article, it’s clear to everyone that the primary distinctive of “Pride” groups in general is their views on sex, and their sexual practices.
Their key focus has been (earlier) “sexual preference,” then later “sexual orientation,” and now “sexual diversity.” It’s not bigotry to say this, it’s a matter of history. Their “sexual diversity” is what they are “proud” of; it’s what they want “celebrated” during “Pride” week.
Abbotsford city council members knew this would be a controversial decision — some of them have even said so. But they pushed it through hastily, at the end of an evening council meeting, with minimal discussion, with no debate whatsoever, and with no acknowledgment of the divisive nature of what they were doing.
Several around the council table are Christians; they know what Christianity teaches about sexual immorality. All the councillors, no matter what their faith or lack thereof, know that sexual immorality is not something that should be recommended to the young people of our community.
So I urge the Abbotsford city council to reconsider and rescind their June 15 decision to raise a flag celebrating what many in our community view as sexual immorality. I also urge my fellow citizens who are involved with Fraser Valley Pride to show some grace and withdraw their divisive, self-promoting request to raise that flag.