Dave Loewen, the big Christian leader, the teacher of children at MEI pushed through along with the other Christians on Abbotsford council, the decision to hoist gay pride’s flag high atop our community city hall.  A symbol of conquest.  We are to celebrate a group that  distinguishes itself by its deviance from Biblical standards. A cursory look at comments posted by proponents of gay ‘pride’ on Georgia Straight shows a stream of filth and mindless invective.  These are the  people who want power to shape the morals of our precious children.

Well any one, or any group is free within the law of the land to live outside of God’s law, at least they can until death, at which time every person who has ever lived will face him.  That great judgment day is coming to all the earth, no matter how much we rail against God now.

I’m glad we are ruled by secular government. In a fallen world, with mere mortals at the helm, it does not matter what virtues political aspirants claim for themselves because, – once in power the demons of power seem to corrupt fairly equally across all party lines.  When Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, he was referring to the religious power of the Catholic Church.

England, in the mid 17th Century suffered under the iron rule of Oliver Cromwell, a religious Puritan.  Government can, and should restrain lawless deeds that harm others, but government here on earth should restrict itself to matters that obviously are for the common good, and those should remain minimal. Government can’t and should not try to legislate holiness.  That is impossible to do because holiness is an inner relationship with God.  It is the spiritual part of a human life.

Conversely however, while religious beliefs should not be allowed to hold sway over the irreligious, neither should irreligion be allowed to intrude on the beliefs and value systems of the segments of society who hold firm convictions about God and eternal truth.

To demand as the BCTF did,…….“We must teach our children to affirm, celebrate, endorse and embrace,…homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestitism, and….anythingism.” is a direct attack on the moral values of all true Christians.  Canada purports to have freedom of religion, and we need to protect that liberty.   I also uphold the right for others to have freedom from religion.

Now the pendulum has swung far to the left, to the relentless, militant demands that their children, and ours, should be brain-washed from the beginning of their tender lives to think men having sex with men, or boys is normal and good.  Children are to be indoctrinated in public schools to think women having sex with women is natural, normal and good.  And the normalizing of sexual deviance from that given by our Creator and Lord has spread like a blight – far beyond those two perversions of the Biblical rules.  God’s rules are given to lead us out of our lower nature.  We cannot break his rules without breaking ourselves.

Society has been broken for a long time, since Eden in fact.  But Western civilization has enjoyed remarkable peace, safety, prosperity and happiness.  A solid foundation for our modern democratic system was the Judeo-Christian worldview, and whether individuals themselves knew the Saviour, or not, nonetheless the culture was permeated by Christian values.  This demand that all of society now embrace and celebrate sexual behaviour that flies in the face of our Designer, must be opposed.

The suggestion that marginalized ‘gay’ people commit suicide at a higher rate because straight people reject what they do with each other in private, –  is bogus.  God is real and our lives are only fulfilled to the extent that we walk in his divine will for our lives.  When we rebel against our designer, our creator, our help, our hope, our ultimate meaning for now and eternity, we harm ourselves.

Statistics are trotted out to back up one theory or another, and stories are embellished to push forward one agenda or another, so it is impossible to know anything statistically.  There are too many other factors and unknowns in the tragedy of suicide.  But I have lived long enough to know that people need the Lord.  That sometimes life is hard to bear.  Twisting and distorting God’s guidebook for our short stay on earth not only robs people of eternal life in his presence but seriously messes up their hope for beautiful life in the present.

The demand from alternate sexual preference people that their message must ring throughout the land,… must be opposed, even when to do so may cost you dearly. If the pendulum was once too far at the extreme, where society wrongly treated their fellow human beings, it has now well and truly swung past the middle.  Now I say that sexual activity at any age, anywhere, with anyone and in any way, is destroying people, and such a message should NOT be celebrated with a triumphant flag over my city hall.

It’s sad that only the dysfunctional Toronto mayor, Rob Ford had the backbone to stand against ‘gay pride’ pressure, while here in Bible-belt Abbotsford, our Christian leaders led the way in embracing a cult that leads to moral decadence.