LETTER: Flag rules for city hall needed

Last weeks decision by Abbotsford Council to fly the “Fraser Valley Pride” flag one week prior to their Parade is disgusting in deed. What is next? The marihuana flag? Or painting the sidewalks around City Hall with the colours of the Pride flag, as suggested for the crosswalk at Ware Road?

Mayor Braun, if Council has no rules on what type of flags are allowed to be placed on Municipal buildings then create some guidelines. Most other City’s have regulations on such matters. Rather then lame duck decisions, get your act together. And, please do not forget the moral implications in all of this.

It is not Council’s mandate to support, and indirectly advertise in flying colours, any such morally degrading lifestyle in the first place. It is wrong. Dead wrong indeed.

Living in the Bible Belt one can safely assume that the majority of citizens are against encouraging a Pride Life style. Most do not agree one iota with Council’s lenient unmindful decision. Rather then sitting like a lump on a log, why would Council neglect the feelings of the majority and instead intensify the matter?

Harsh fact is the electorate voted for Councillors with intelligence flowing through their veins to uphold moral standards, not advertise the direct opposite. I see very little of that. Rather then promoting, in flying colours, a somewhat repulsive life style, Council showed the approval of it all. Why? I am convinced  most Councillors would not fly this flag on their own premises. So why is it alright to fly it at the taxpayers vested interest, City Hall?

The Council’s approval to let the Pride action’s flag, and ideals, tower in colourful fashion at City Hall signified their support to such life style. Ever thought of that?

Gertie Pool