Although the militant gay agenda has not been silent for many years, our politicians and church leaders have become increasingly silent.  And the militants are winning.

Back in the day when Paul Ramsay was Minister of Education and Peter and Murray Corren/GALE were winning the left-leaning BCTF I wrote to many levels of government and took a copy of that letter to some 1,500 businesses and schools between here and Delta.

What always stands out for me whenever I attempt to do whatever little I can about things that impact on society, is the astounding degree of apathy.  But in the matter of the ‘Corren Agreement’, almost no one knew a thing about it, and there was concern.

If I can find a copy of the letter I sent to authorities some 15 years ago, I will post it on this website.

Meanwhile the silence holds, except for the readers of the Georgia Straight.  Thanks to Stephen Hui I had 845 views and 543 visitors on June 19th.  That’s a lot for my blog.  And I see that his readers are up early.  Already a dozen of them are reading my articles, and the robins have only just now started to sing.

It would be nicer, of course, if more of them, (the GS readers, that is) had pleasant things to say about me and Richard, but oh well,…………

At least someone out there is awake.  Maybe someday, the rest of society will wake up.