If memory serves, there was once a National Film Board video called ‘THE EDIT’. Maybe someone can find it on the internet. In this film viewers were allowed to see the inside, (and I would suggest nefarious,) workings of television interviews. People might come with great faith, transparent and honest into the TV den but the poor sucker might see himself diced and sliced and denigrated across the land, in the evening news.

Television producers can mix and match, dice and splice to their hearts content, until they have the desired result. And the poor dupe who walked into the den is powerless to alter the perception so carefully crafted by dishonest media.

I have been a CKNW fan for many years. It wasn’t that I always agreed with them on issues, but overall I really liked listening to the hosts, and many of the callers were articulate and intelligent. CKNW has changed a lot, and not always for the better.

Yesterday afternoon Grace Sullivan from the evening show at CKNW left a message asking Richard to call her. We were out so Rich did call her back and left her a message, and he never did talk to her.

Well I was curious as to whether Grace wanted Richard for the Drex Live evening show because he’s going to Abbotsford Council on Monday to talk to them about their serious mistake in approving the hoisting of a gay ‘Pride’ flag atop city hall for a week in July, and their further consideration of painting a ‘Pride’ honouring crosswalk at S. Fraser Way and Ware. So while driving to my music jam I turned the radio to Drex.  It was awful. It was an embarrassment. It was completely devoid of integrity. Malicious and ugly. I only caught a portion of it so if you can find it on the archives you can decide for yourself if you enjoy seeing a slaughter.

Some CKNW staffer had an interview with a woman who has a business installing ponds. She seemed to me to be a most unfortunate woman who had no clue that she’d entered the lion’s den and was about to be ridiculed, ripped to pieces and utterly destroyed. That poor, poor woman seems most dreadfully lacking in any honest, decent person’s mind as someone who should be so craftily sought out, and used by the very articulate and vicious Drex.

Was this particular victim the best representative of the population who believe in God, who know the Bible is his word, and who want to live by its precepts?  I would suggest this woman was most carefully chosen because she clearly was a suitable lamb for the slaughter.

CKNW, have a hard look inside your cynical media soul.  Pick on someone who has a hope of matching your diabolically brilliant host.