For the time has come for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God.  –  Peter

In Abbotsford, the house of God is represented at the council table by men and women who are born-again believers. Their job is a secular job, a job to take care of all the community needs of water, sewer, roads, police, pools, etc. and to formulate sensible rules to live by. But everyone takes his distinct moral values into every decision he makes, and that is true of all of us. There is no one who is completely unbiased. So the non-Christian brings their peculiar bias into everyday affairs as well.

We thought our Biblical worldview and values lived in the minds and souls of Mayor Henry Braun, and councillors Dave Loewen, Les Barkman and Ross Siemens. Perhaps some of the others also believe that God is the creator of us all, and that his book is the guide for life. The Bible is the foundation for the Judeo-Christian worldview upon which much of our free democratic  civilization was founded. It is faith and trust in the God of Scripture that brings transformative peace within ourselves and the larger world. Look at countries where Christ the Saviour is banished and you see serious oppression and injustice. Because society can only change when individual hearts are alive to God our creator.

There are no multiple gods, and God is not merely who we want him to be. His attributes can be found in that book. He is a God of love and mercy and grace, but he is also the holy Judge of all the earth, and every human being who ever lived will stand before him on that great judgment day.

The Bible has much to say about sexual relationships. Immorality is within our minds, long before it is acted on. But are we just helpless brutes who must give in to every lustful inclination, or are we indeed sons and daughters of the living God, created to walk with him, in holiness, in purer love and beauty? The debate over council’s hasty decision to agree that a “Pride flag” should be hoisted above our city is a dreadful mistake.

Love between a committed man and woman is beautiful, but the word ‘love’ is sullied and cheapened when we give in to the pressure of anywhere, anytime, anyway and with anyone.

Rise above this endless focus on only one aspect of what it means to be human. Sex is just one of the many incredible gifts God has given to humanity.

Given the appalling apathy exhibited by our church leaders in previous years when immorality wanted to station its events in our publicly-owned buildings, perhaps the churches would just have kept silent again,…….had they been given an opportunity to engage with mayor and council before the vote about a flag and a crosswalk in our city. But that’s a moot point now. Council did not give the community a chance to speak.

Abbotsford is our city. It is our money that pays for city hall, the building, the grounds, the furniture, the staff and the council. The decisions made by council impact all of us, and should not trample over the value system of many people here.

Council has a mandate all right,….it is to run our town with wisdom, justice, sound economics, sustainability. Making such a huge decision about honouring “Pride,” when that is a really divisive and contentious moral issue, is not what these men and women were elected to do.

What is “Pride” proud of? Is it the accomplishments of its members in all the sorts of things, all the things society works and plays at, or is it specifically a focus on their sexual activity? Throughout this discussion people say we should stay out of their bedrooms, which is precisely what I agree with.

Our Christian leaders led the way in caving to pressure that insists we must all regard sex any way, with anyone as normal, right and even good. God our creator warns against all such immorality. “Gay Pride” is militant, demanding the right to indoctrinate our precious children even in the public school system.

I  joined Richard for several years at the BCTF annual general meetings. One year the so-called “Corren Agreement” dominated the discussion at the AGM. Driven by the Gay and Lesbian Educators I heard this mantra of GALE many times that weekend: “We MUST teach our children, from K to 12, to celebrate, endorse, affirm and embrace, ….. homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestitism and anythingism.”

We’ve come a long way Abbotsford,……. down, …… thanks to the Christian leaders on council.