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What distinguishes people who call themselves homosexuals, lesbians, transvestites, queer, or any other descriptive from the rest of humanity?

We all look the same. We all work at a great variety of occupations. We all share an interest in the arts, sports, literature. We share a love for the beauty of nature.

So what sets these people apart to the extent that Abbotsford council should decide to hoist the “Pride flag” over our City Hall building for a full week in the month of July?

What would compel our elected men and women on council to agree that a cross-walk on the main road through Abbotsford should be permanently painted to honour LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered.)

The difference between “gay pride” people or any other human being is about sexual preference, that is all.

Then why would a whole city have to gaze at a flag, or repeatedly look at the symbol of this sexual preference while crossing a busy intersection in town?

For Bible-believing Christians moral purity is a command of God. That covers the whole spectrum, from thoughts through to deeds. No mere mortal can be pure in their own strength but there is a standard of holiness which is the goal of born-again believers.

Government at every level exists for the common good. The governing authorities use a portion of all our income to tend to matters that impact all the members of a defined community. Politicians and civil servants should focus on the bread and butter business of infrastructure, roads, sewers, parks, schools, police. Politicians should make laws that are sensible, doable and enforceable.

There should be very little beyond these basics because beyond these communally agreed-upon needs, most government dabbling results in colossal waste of taxpayer dollars. Every frivolous decision made by governments usually results in an expansion of government departments, more staff on the payroll. This empire building is why tax-free day now comes in the middle of each year.

So why did Abbotsford Council decree that a flag celebrating what people do in their intimate physical relationships should fly over city hall,…..the symbol and home of our communal government?

A flag is a symbol of conquest.

Amundsen planted his flag on the South Pole as a symbol of conquest.

ISIS plants its flag over every town and village it conquers.

Did anyone charge against our city mayor and council with rifles and grenades, that they should acquiesce so meekly to demands from a group whose only distinctive is what they do in bed?

Not so much as a child’s cap gun pointed at them. No discussion with the wider community. No debate at the council table. No hint from the church-going evangelicals on council that this is a serious moral issue. In fact it was the church-going Dave Loewen who proposed that we fly the ‘Pride’ flag over the entire citizenry.

I do not agree. Richard has asked to be a delegation to council.