Stephen Hui at the Georgia Straight, in commenting on Richard’s letter to Abbotsford church leaders,…..writes:

“(warning: some of our readers will find the following offensive and ignorant):”

That editors at the ‘Straight’ consider us offensive does not surprise.  Generally this paper is not known for its advocacy of holy living.  And as firm believers in the Evolution Religion they deny the existence of their Creator.

I have bad news for the folk at the Georgia Straight.  God is real, and He is present in our universe.  Their displeasure at His existence will not make Him forsake His throne.  He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

The good news for Stephen and his colleagues is that God loves them, and proved that when he sent His only Son to pay the penalty for their sins.  The free gift of salvation and eternal life in His presence is extended to fallen, rebellious humanity.

I’d love to be able to tell Stephen that the people of God in the Bible Belt of BC will rise up and take a stand for sexual purity, for families as God intended them to be,  but I haven’t seen much zeal for God’s truth reflected on our city council, and hardly any more among church leaders.

The Bible gives all we need to live in His light, but here in our city so full of large evangelical churches it has been sad to see the apathy displayed when some very immoral events have come to our publicly-owned venues.

Christians could not be roused to care when our publicly-owned Tradex building was used for vile, degrading sex shows.

Christians (again, not all of them) barely raised a peep when Council granted Mitchell Mortaza the use of our newly-built AESC for his Lingerie Football League, a brazenly exploitive pretence of playing a sport,.. football.

Our elected council, which has always had some professed Christians allowed these events.

Councillor Les Barkman once told me that he was in contact with every significant religious group in Abbotsford, and that I was the ONLY person who opposed sex shows at Tradex,…… and young women in underwear being used by sleazy business operators in our publicly-owned AESC.

Maybe Barkman was correct, but strangely both the sex show and LFL are gone.  I know it was not my doing.  I did try to take a stand against these things but I’m not delusional enough to think my putzy efforts made them go away.

It is most always financial considerations that determine where the purveyors of sleeze set up shop.  So the bottom line was not lucrative enough for them to stay here in Abbotsford.  But maybe the hand of God is the real reason LFL etc. is gone.

There are godly people in this city, and those true-believers pray to our living, all-powerful God.  So though I might long to see and hear more Christians speak out for God’s truth, His holy standard, His love and redemption, the fruit of their prayers is evident nonetheless.

On Monday our Christian councillors, Les Barkman, Dave Loewen and Ross Siemens quickly approved the hoisting of a flag that symbolizes a life-style in direct violation of the clear teaching of God.  Henry Braun as mayor did not vote.  I don’t know if the other council members have any Biblical compass for their lives.  But shame to you so-called Christians.

People are free to live as they wish but where did you, our City Council get the mandate to make what people do in bed, something that we should all focus on, and celebrate?

FOOTNOTE:  As it turns out, while Henry, our mayor, who was for years chairman of the board at 7 Oaks Alliance, did not vote, he gladly raised the flag of ‘pride‘, with his own hands, to fly over the city he governs.