Chasmosaurus skin impression I have found fossil feathers twice, but after taking several paleontology courses I realize that I’ve probably seen a vast array of fascinating fossils. So now its a lot more interesting, equipped with time and a magnifying glass, the rocks reveal far more of the world that once was, and perished in a global, catastrophic deluge.

I would encourage everyone to stop and study sedimentary rocks, wherever you happen to be.  All sedimentary layers potentially yield fossils, but some are rich in these treasures of the past while other sites take more patience.  But the journey of discovery is really worthwhile.

In the same layers you can find flowers, feathers, fish, leaves, bugs, seeds, reptiles,……the list is long.images-127 protoceratops-nest1 images-126 images-125 images-124 images-123 images-122 images-121 images-120 fossils-1251 images-119 images-118 images-117 images-115 images-114 images-113 ribbon-feather-bird-7 images-112 Eurypterus-remipes-t octopus-fossil-2 RS134_ENHANCED_CONTRAST_ned_th RS134_ENHANCED_CONTRAST_th RS134Bt styletoctopus enigmatic-Incertaesedis-t harpagofututor-volsellorhinus-fish-fossil Hesslerella-shermani-t Coccoderma-nudum1t BCF073At AA007Lat images-111 images-110 images-109 images-108 images-105 images-104 FossilVervian4115 images-103 images-102 images-101 images-100 images-99 images-98 images-97 images-96 images-95 images-94 images-93 images-92 images-91 images-90 mn014242_md 1164107551-fossil_2 images-89 microraptor-fossil-1_medium images-88 images-87 images-86 images-85 images-84 F2.large images-82 images-83 images-81 images-80 images-79 images-78 images-77 RS134_ENHANCED_CONTRAST_ned_th images-76 RS134_ENHANCED_CONTRAST_ned_th images-75 7utfjfj s_albersdoerferi_tailbase images-73 images-72 images-71 images-69 images-70 images-68 images-67 images-66 images-65 images-64 images-63 images-62 images-61 images-60 images-59 RS134_ENHANCED_CONTRAST_ned_th images-58 images-57 images-56 images-55 images-54 images-53 images-52 images-51 images-50 images-49 images-48 dinofeather2_web images-47 images-46 images-45 images-44 images-43 images-42 images-41 images-39 images-40 images-38 images-37 images-36 images-35 images-34 images-33 images-32 images-31 images-30 images-29 images-28 images-27 images-26 images-25 images-24 images-23 images-22 images-21 images-20 images-19 images-16 images-17 images-15 images-14 images-13 images-12 images-11 images-10 images-9 images-8 images-7 images-6 images-5 images-4 images-3 images-2 images-1