Theoretical physicist and mathematician – on Global warming.


Well maybe Professor Dyson is on to something, when he delights in using his brain and simply following truth, wherever that leads.  But certainly you can enjoy this interview with Freeman Dyson.

I tried to jot down some of his words, so these will not necessarily be verbatim, but you can watch the video, and get the accurate quotes.

– There has been a measurable 40% increase of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere.  But, there has been nothing remotely close to a similar increase in measured temperature.  However,…..the whole earth is actually growing greener.  Agricultural yields are increasing, as is the growth of forests.  In 400 ppm, half that carbon-dioxide goes into increasing vegetation and bio-diversity by some 20%.  Freeman Dyson says the effects of increased carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere, assuming plants have all the other things they need, like Nitrogen,……is GOOD!

Greenhouse growers know that.  They inject 1200 ppm CO2 into their enclosures to increase their yields.

– Models are bad tools for predicting climate

– The real world is are more complicated than the models

– The eleven-year cycle of the sun’s high energy cosmic rays can and are being studied, and proven to have a strong impact.  For example in the 17th century, Europe experienced a ‘Little Ice Age attributed to a lack of sun spots

– Al Gore made a the statement in his ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.  He seriously proposed a climate model whereby you take water vapour out of the equation,.…….(and people took this man seriously.!?)  Dr. Dyson says water makes up some 90% of our earth system.  For a discussion of water,…………..

– Dr. Dyson says this atmosphere of doom and gloom about our future and climate catastrophes is pretty well only with academic circles and in the Western world.

Have a look at the video.  It does a much better job than I have just done here.