IMG_5003  One day Richard and I went for a walk in Coquitlam, and discovered a nice little trail tucked among a sea of large warehouses.  The path led down to Don Roberts Park, overlooking the Fraser River.  Richard puzzled about the regular intervals of fallen logs that lay in an odd fashion all along the stream bed.  I thought it had something to do with stabilizing the banks.  Then we met a fellow in the park who confirmed that because so many of the surrounding trees had been felled to clear the land for all the big stores, the land along this stream was eroding rapidly, hence the need to mitigate the damage.

We got to thinking about these logs that looked, almost as if they had just fallen naturally into place,…….except for a few details, like missing roots, and those notches cut at intervals to lock one tree into another.  In fact it became very clear that these trees were placed along this bank, and held in place by design.

How odd that we recognize design in such crude, simplistic construction, but cannot recognize purpose and design where it is infinitely more complex and beautiful.

The trees, while they were growing would have exhibited an intricate and perfect system of drawing up water from the soil, delivering that life-giving water up a complex system to every part of the tree, with further mind-boggling mechanisms to allow expiration but prevent dehydration.  Complex defences against the myriad little creatures that feast on its roots, trunk and leaves.  And that process of photosynthesis, whereby trees take the energy from the sun to produce glucose, using  chlorophyll,  is only partially understood by our brightest and best minds.

But hey, forget about all of that,……those trees, they just evolved, just like all those birds did,  and so did all those exquisite insects, and those squirrels that make their homes in trees.  And you evolved too, you humans.  Don’t be thinking that just because you invented the chain saws that cut those trees down, and made those little notches in the trunks, after you hauled them with your heavy machinery, that you invented and built, that just because you’re smart that means someone higher than you created you.  What nonsense!

You are merely the result of accidental mutations and survival of the fittest.  You may not ponder the Divine hand behind the wonder of your amazing life.

You, though vastly more complex than the chain-saw, trucks and machinery, (which obviously did not come about by evolution), well you just put your mind out to lunch now and believe your betters.  Academia has stated it and it must not be questioned.  Evolution rules!  It rules the universities, it rules the media, and it will rule you by gum.

What foolish notions you have, thinking that just because you’re smart enough to design machinery, cut logs and haul them into place, that you too were designed for a purpose.  Silly simpleton.  Just let your betters do your thinking for you. So now get this firmly into your head.  Smart people invent things, design things, build things, …….. but all those smart people are themselves only the end product of crude, bumbling, destructive (and mostly fabricated) process of evolution.

No Designer shall be allowed or acknowledged in our godless minds. IMG_4996 IMG_4995 IMG_5015 IMG_5012 IMG_5010 IMG_5009

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