IMG_4088 IMG_4172 IMG_3998 IMG_3968 unnamed-2Response to a friend’s email regarding this CTV Calgary article,

Thanks for the article.  It must have been great fun for the keen fossil hunter, Mr. Nemberg, to come across these fish. The article reads,……..“Experts say the find is particularly significant because finds like these are particularly rare and help to shed light on the nature and diversity of animals that lived beyond the age of the dinosaurs.”

But actually fish fossils are not rare at all.  The earth is a fossil graveyard.  Alberta besides being well known for the buried dinosaurs and giant ammonites, besides billions of other plants and animals is also the source of enormous reserves of OIL, GAS and COAL.  Those now precious sources of fuel are ALL derived from once living plants, animals, fish, birds, insects.

Paleontologist, Darla Zelenitsky, expresses amazement at the perfect preservation of those fish,…“It’s almost as if they died yesterday.”  I believe she describes these fish as similar to perch, pickerel and salmon.  Certainly we find fossils of life now gone extinct, but the rocks yield  fossils clearly recognizable as flora and fauna still living among us today.  Paleontologists often assign DIFFERENT genus and species names to fossils, even when there is in fact no difference, other than one is alive and the other preserved in stone.

Again, there is nothing rare about the Alberta fish find.  There are BILLIONS  of perfectly preserved fish, as well as perfectly preserved even more delicate things like flowers and insects, besides the abundance of once hardy and healthy creatures who were living vibrant lives until a catastrophic event caught them in the midst of their lives and slammed them into into a cementing matrix, found today in hardened sedimentary deposits,……layer upon layer, upon layer,………perfectly preserved,……evidence that these life-forms did not die slowly, did not lie themselves down and wait for the sands of time to slowly cover them, did not go through the normal decay processes we see every day, did not have oxygen or micro-organisms to break them down, but did have massive, successive waves of more watery cementing slurry deposit still more recent death and burial increasing the overburden. You can find these sedimentary laminae all over the world. 

The earth’s geology is 75% sedimentary layers.  The other 25% shows evidence of erosion, volcanic eruption, earthquakes, tsunamis at work, subsequent to the global, catastrophic flood of Noah’s day.  The Great Canadian Shield for example shows the fingerprints of glaciation scouring away the overburden, exposing massive bedrock.

The BC Government has turned the McAbee Fossi Beds into a Heritage Site, though we have yet to see them do anything significant with this amazing exposure, other than make it the personal playground of the academic ‘elite’.  But when Dave Langevin had the foresight to put a claim on this site all us amateur rockhounders knew the thrill of what was called the Zug site. Dave told me it was 300 feet in dept at that spot.  Many of the layers are paper thin, (see a few pictures above) and between these layers life, rich, diverse, varied can be found frozen in rapid death.  Lots of fish and insects, flowers, some birds, leaves of trees we still have growing in our own yards and forests,…….all there, sharing those same layers, – in their sudden death.

Fossils are the account of the death of once vibrant living things, and they are found the world over.  A rock-solid testament to the truth of the word of God.  In his wrath against sin, He destroyed the world through a flood, and he saved 8 people on the ark.  He said there would never again be such a flood, but He warns of a final destruction by fire, against those who continue in their rebellion against their Creator. Good for Edgar Nemberg, (the CREATIONIST), for his honesty in reporting his fossil find.  He took a big risk though. Vast areas of Alberta are pulverized in the extraction of oil and gas, thereby also destroying billions of fossils embedded in the shale rock. 

 The government takes the ridiculous position that people can’t freely keep the fossils they find, thereby doing much more to preserve the fossil record,…… while billions continue to be pulverized!?  (This is not a comment about the right or wrong of the fossil fuel industry.  It is merely an observation about the sheer lunacy of forbidding the private collection of ‘our evolutionary record’, while knowing full well that the sedimentary rocks of Alberta hold billions of fossils of a great array of life-forms,  and the government has for many years cheerfully presided over their demise.)

Dave Langevin had a good business going with his McAbee claim.  He loved taking people out to his claim, and for a modest fee he let them enjoy hours looking through the scree, or digging the walls themselves.  Adjacent to his claim was a company that for many years extracted the same fossils by the truckload to be hauled away and ground down for kitty-litter or for absorbent material on feed-lot floors.

But nice guy Dave shared his best finds with the universities, with instructors like Bruce Archibald, with reporters like Stephen Hume.  Dave GAVE them his best fossils.  He told me with sorrow that he’d extended hospitality to the academics, shared his cold beer with them.  And how did they reward him? They shut him down, and he died not long after that.

I’ve studied a bit of anthropology, taken some paleontology courses and gone on many fossil hunts.  My last instructor stressed that we should submit any unique, special finds to the universities, which in fact a great many amateurs have done over the years. Were it not for the interest of amateur rock-hounders the Archibalds of this world would have pitiful little in their display cases.  But they have a rather unpleasant habit of wanting to then shut down the sites that yielded the gifts to them.

I’ve met people over the years who said they’d been dismayed to discover dinosaur bones on their property and obscured the find for fear of the heavy-handed response that too often follows when pressure is exerted on government to close the area off to the public. Miners and construction crews tell of finding exquisitly preserved fossils, only to be warned by the boss to keep it quiet lest work on the project be brought to a halt.

As to the purported 60 million-year age of the Evanston fish,…… do you see a sign on those rocks telling you what year they were caught up in a liquid slurry and slammed into those sedimentary layers? Those dates are the invention of fallen man. The contrived ages depend on assumptions about a past, put vastly out of our reach by the sheer length of time that evolutionists claim, based on models, on extrapolations backward, based on flimsy data. The long ages are absolutely necessary to uphold the just-so stories of our evolutionary ascent from non-life to life, to more complex ‘simple’ life, to ever-increasing complexity, through clumsy, harmful, mostly implausible transformations, ever upward, take all the time you need, until there is you, the acme of evolution.

Nothing about the evolutionary story matches anything we know to be factual science. Nothing about this theory of beginnings stands the test of observable, repeatable, testable, falsifiable factual science. In short evolution cannot stand scrutiny,….. critical analysis, which is why the religious adherents of Evolution try so hard to suppress critical analysis.  And they resort to some pretty low tactics to silence doubters.  Brain-washing and indoctrination from a tender age, and ridicule and censure of the few brave souls who prefer to still use their own brains.

These tales aren’t allowed to be questioned, because they simply won’t withstand critical thinking.  So those men and women who do see that Emperor Evolution is naked, are very cautious and tend to keep their thoughts to themselves. Jobs are hard to come by, so why buck the ruling paradigm?