Thank you to TINA STEWART and the ABBOTSFORD DOWNTOWN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION, for creating an event that allows us to view the work of local artists.

Though I only feature one artist here, Regina praised the work of all the other works displayed in town.

There will be another opportunity for artists and those of us who simply enjoy their skill, promoted by the ADBA, in September.

Regina’s card says,

“Art has been an integral part of my life as far back as I can remember.  My father graduated from the Vancouver School of Art, and then created as a commercial artist during his working years.

My own art education included the VSA, the Belles Artes in San Miquel de Allende, and courses at our local university.  I have travelled to both France and Italy to expand my knowledge of art.

Having experimented with many styles and media, I prefer watercolour (even when a fixative may be required) over either oils or acrylics.  Creating in clay was another favourite for me.

Although I enjoy creating abstract deigns, my own preference when viewing art is that of realism and super realism.  Photo art is something I enjoy viewing as ell, particularly when it is shot from unexpected angles.”

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