Ode to Alberta premier-elect Rachel Notley . . . – by Richard Peachey
(with a tip of the hat to the pollsters, who got it right this time)

Rachel, Rachel, I’ve been thinking
What a strange place this would be
If the Wildrose all defected,
Crossed the floor and joined PC.

Rachel, Rachel, I’ve been wond’ring,
Could the current dynasty
Unite the right, but then lose the fight,
Collapse and die at forty-three?

Rachel, Rachel, could it happen,
Is it possibility —
Voters of Alberta rise up
And elect the NDP?alberta-election-rachel-notley-e1430907860422-200x200

Rachel, Rachel, no more doubt now,
Yes, it really happened; we
Saw the numbers, heard the speeches,
Watched them all on CBC!