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Pictured here are Glen’s long-time friends:  Wendy DaDalt, Ken Summers, Gerry Powers, Al Grass and Hank Roos.

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A large crowd came together yesterday (April 19/15)  to honour, and to keep alive the memory of Glen Ryder.

It was fitting that his memorial was held at the beautiful Campbell Valley Park, whose preservation we can thank Glen for, along with Al Grass and the early Langley naturalists.

Glen’s early life was sad and he lived a largely solitary life, but I doubt that very many people have known as much of the joy and beauty of God’s world as he did, (though I don’t know about his spiritual life.)

Many leading naturalists owe much to Glen’s work as do all of us who live in this profoundly beautiful part of the world.  Because of men like Glen, and the many other men and women who dedicate their lives to the preservation of the natural world, we hopefully will leave some of this beauty to the children who follow us.

The book, ‘An Old-School Naturalist’ would be a treasure worth buying.    –  Gerda