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……..But do we see the brave Liberals and NDP bestow their sneering condescension on to Sikh believers, or to Muslim believers or to the First Nation’s or Wiccans in their midst?

I wonder how many of those ‘we’re all about SCIENCE‘ politicians can intelligently articulate factual evidence to prove their faith that they,…….Ms or Mr Politician arose, (had their start) in some vast, far far back, long, long ago microscopic bit of life?  How many of these arrogant politicians who mock and deride Biblical Christianity can prove the miraculous story of evolution that is jammed into our brains by God-hating atheists?  The origin of disbelief in the One who alone created us, is Satan.

Divine creation is miraculous you say? Well yes. Creation ex nihilo is clearly miraculous.  Genesis is God’s revelation to us, the highest of His created works.  For sure the Bible tells us about the astounding miracle…

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