The Editor, National Post

Re: Conrad Black, The Shabby, Shallow World of the Militant Atheists, Mar. 21
For the second time this week a National Post article has advised us that Christians ought to accept evolution.
  The first occasion was on Mar. 16, in Jen Gerson’s piece “Dirks treated as ‘Old Earth guy’,” which included a quote from University of Calgary professor Irving Hexham: “I don’t think there is any reason why Christians can’t believe in evolution….”
  And now we have Conrad Black stating, without qualification, that “all educated Christians, including Darwin, acknowledge evolution.”
  Not to be rude, but I think Mr. Black needs some education himself. His statement is erroneous in at least two ways.
  First of all, there are dozens of Christians with earned PhDs in scientific fields, who feel free to question the “truth” of evolution. Some of these are employed by Creation Ministries International, a leading creationist organization with a major branch in Canada. (Website:
  Secondly, Charles Darwin was not a Christian at the same time he was promoting evolution. Near the end of his life he called himself an “agnostic” (a term coined by his friend Thomas Huxley), but much earlier than that he “gradually came to disbelieve in Christianity as a divine revelation” (so he writes in his autobiography).
  By 1851, with the death of his favourite daughter Annie, Darwin “took his stand as an unbeliever,” according to biographers Adrian Desmond and James Moore (in “Darwin: The Life of a Tormented Evolutionist” — a volume highly recommended by Stephen Jay Gould).
  I suggest it’s time for the National Post to consider bringing some informed balance into its reporting on the origins controversy.
Richard Peachey, Abbotsford, BC