Unknown(PICTURE – ‘ZE SUM!’)

“Ze sum!  If I knew who made ze sum, I would worship him.” (from Richard Wurmbrand) 

ONTARIO: Guru of education, key figure in Wynne’s world, is a loathsome child molester advocate:  


“In the small and cloistered world of education, there may have been no bigger deal than Benjamin Levin — scholar, professor at the University of Toronto and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, former deputy education minister for both Ontario and Manitoba, part of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s transition team, lecturer who travelled the world.   Tuesday, he shrank within his nice grey suit, his head sometimes in his hands, as he pleaded guilty to three child-pornography offences, another stage done in an altogether stunning fall from grace.” -Blatchford

ONTARIO: Where a powerful, corrupt police union used their money and clout to put Liberal Kathleen Wynne in as premier.

ONTARIO:  Where the ruling Liberals played fast and loose with millions of hard-working taxpayer dollars to cancel gas plants, in order to win one riding.

ONTARIO:  Where no one will ever know the trail of deceit around that scandal because contrary to the law, all the important emails were systematically destroyed, by the Liberals.

ONTARIO:  Where no one went to jail for any of the above corruption.

Christian men and women in political office, are scurrying like cockroaches when the cupboard door flings open, when challenged about their faith in Jesus Christ. Maybe these politicians gained their coveted seats by convincing conservatives that they too believed in the God of all creation, as revealed to us in the holy Bible. But the glories of this fleeting world hold too much allure, and the mere threat of losing the position, the prestige, the power, the paycheque are just too great for some.  So now sadly we watch as politicians morph from calm courageous followers of Christ,……. into frightened cockroaches, at the first public challenge to their faith.  

Maybe you politicians  should stop hiding your faith in dank, dark cupboards and remember that you are sons and daughters of the living God.  You are to be light, as He is the light.  Open the door of your life, let people see your Lord so they too can come to Him for a life worth living.  ‘Always be ready to give a reason for the hope you have within you.’

How many of the people taunting you for believing the Word of God, from Genesis to Revelation, even have a clue about real science?  Most of the people who say they believe in evolution could not give you a coherent, science-based, description of what that word even means.  Ask them about the bazillion, miraculous steps needed in order for goo to turn into you.

A Russian scientist once said, as she was contemplating the wonder of her thumb,….. “Ze sum!  If I knew who made ze sum, I would worship him.” (from Richard Wurmbrand)  You see when evolutionists prattle their pretty, simple scenarios, they are either very foolish, and therefore deluded themselves, or they are very clever liars, …..but,…. they are never telling you the truth, because the real world all around you is complex beyond all the combined wisdom of all the ages to comprehend. The tiniest bit of life we can study under our microscopes defies our comprehension.  Yes we can study it, dissect it, write a book about it, but we CANNOT create or fully comprehend the astounding complexity within a simple bacterium.  We can only use the material already given by God and play around with his creation.

Uniformitarianism says, ‘The present is the key to the past.’ But we only have perhaps 10,000 years of recorded history.  And we only have a few thousand years of scientific endeavour.  Evolutionists, who cannot trace their own fully-human ancestry beyond a few thousand years would have you believe they can tell you exactly what happened vast millions and billions of years ago, to transitional life-forms that exist only in their imagination.  Mutations, that are overwhelmingly harmful in real life, are overwhelmingly positive in the stories, the ever-evolving stories.   Use a bit of real data and extrapolate it  backward into deep, neverland time.  Computer modelling assumes the researcher can accurately know things that are unknowable in the here and now, let alone in strange made up places and times.  For this,…..for these ultra simple little fairy-tales,  you Christian politicians scatter in terror?

We have been given wonderful minds to explore, to investigate, learn, use the resources God provides so richly. But nothing in the real world lets us come away able to pretend we can reach back billions and millions of years and can make up stories about simple life transforming itself into greater and greater complexity.  Read all their books and papers and use the critical thinking you apply in your own daily life.  The Emperor Evolution is held up by fervent, fanatic religious faith, which is why doubters must be suppressed.

Why run when inferiors are chasing you? Be frightened alright, but of Him before whom we all will stand at the Judgement day. Look at how easy it is to slide into lives of corruption and degradation, when you silence the still, small voice of the Spirit of God within you.

Christians!!….You who promised to follow the Lord through the valleys, into suffering, and even death if necessary.….., you who won your coveted seats in government, now fall all over yourselves, outdoing each other to assure the jeering left-wing that you, like them, endorse abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide.  You who once believed in holy living, in keeping yourselves undefiled, in protecting precious children, now agree that young students can be brain-washed to think of sex as something apart from loving monogamous marriages is perfectly okay?  What happened to your fervent faith in the Son of God who died to save you from your sins?

Compromising, cowardly politicians,…….you have made the wrong choice.

Your careers, the glamour, glory and wealth you might gain by denying the truth of God,….. those will all turn to dust in your mouth. Keep the Lord God first at the centre of your life and you may lose the power and prestige of this fleeting world, but you will know the freedom, peace and love that only come from the heart of God.   “What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”  –  Jesus  

cbc news:   An Ontario Tory’s statement that he doesn’t believe in evolution has puzzled and frustrated his fellow Conservatives who admitted Wednesday that stance doesn’t help a party trying to rebuild after four consecutive election defeats.

Progressive Conservative Rick Nicholls surprised the legislature Tuesday when he responded to a Liberal taunt by saying opting out of teaching students evolution “was not a bad idea.”

‘For myself, I don’t believe in evolution.’– MPP Rick Nicholls

Nicholls’s heckle during debate on an updated sex-education curriculum was greeted with howls from the Liberal and NDP benches and even raised eyebrows among the Conservatives, but he wasn’t backing down Wednesday.

“For myself, I don’t believe in evolution,” Nicholls told reporters. “But that doesn’t mean I speak for everyone else in my caucus. That’s a personal stance.”

Interim PC leader Jim Wilson insisted Nicholls’s views on evolution were not representative of Ontario Tories, and admitted the outburst “obviously didn’t help” a party in the midst of a leadership race.

‘He’s entitled to his opinion.’– Interim PC leader Jim Wilson

“He’s entitled to his opinion, but it’s not shared by the majority of caucus members that I know of,” said Wilson. “It’s the first I’ve ever heard of it actually.”

The Liberals were quick to pounce on Nicholls’s opposition to evolution, using it to deflect from a steady barrage of questions from Tories and New Democrats about allegations of bribery in a recent byelection in Sudbury.    {Red emphasis mine.  Gerda}

Premier Kathleen Wynne said she was very surprised and “taken aback” to find Nicholls confirming he doesn’t believe in evolution.

“I would have expected, quite frankly, that everyone in the legislature would have had a firm belief in the science that we teach in our schools, and certainly that I believe in,” Wynne said in an interview.

Health Minister Eric Hoskins, responding to an Opposition question about drug funding, used his answer to mock Nicholls for his comments.

“We had one member of the PC party questioning whether we should even be teaching evolution in schools,” said Hoskins. “I can’t even begin to imagine what may be coming next: perhaps we never landed on the moon.”

Not party policy

Nicholls, who represents Chatham-Kent-Essex, insisted he had not received any negative feedback from his caucus colleagues over Tuesday’s outburst about evolution: “No one said anything to me at all.”

But he later issued a release correcting his earlier statement and admitting PC house leader Steve Clark had spoken to him Tuesday about the outburst, which a stern looking Clark had earlier told reporters.

“What he said yesterday in the house is obviously not party policy,” Clark said. “I met with him and indicated that if I was asked he certainly didn’t profess party policy and he spoke on his own.”

PC leadership hopeful Christine Elliott, the party’s deputy leader and widow of former finance minister Jim Flaherty, put distance between herself and Nicholls.

“I don’t agree with the views that were expressed with respect to evolution,” Elliott said after question period.

Nicholls co-chairs the PC leadership campaign for Barrie MP Patrick Brown, who said he “believes in the theory of evolution, which is well a accepted in the scientific community.”

The third PC leadership hopeful, London-area MPP Monte McNaughton, did not respond to questions about whether he believes in evolution.

Nicholls’s original outburst about not teaching evolution in schools came during a heated exchange between McNaughton and Education Minister Liz Sandals over the new sex-ed curriculum.

McNaughton’s criticism of Premier Kathleen Wynne, who is gay, was branded as “homophobic” by Sandals. McNaughton accused the Liberals of not consulting enough parents on the new curriculum and fumed about being labelled a homophobe by the Liberals.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY:  Keep the Lord God first at the centre of your life and you may lose the power and prestige of this fleeting world, but you will know the freedom, peace and love that only come from the heart of God.