A friend sent this letter off to politicians.  I share his views on this fraudulent way of conducting a ‘vote’.  Nothing stops the proponents from jigging the numbers in their favour under this appalling pretence of a democratic process.    –   Gerda


Dear Sirs,


Interesting form of “democracy” playing itself out right now with the “transit referendum” don’t you think?


Instead of laying out pros and cons from yes and no vote perspectives, then setting a voting DATE, we have instead a voting SEASON (10 weeks).


During this voting season, the “YES vote proponents” (who do the counting) ARE doing the counting AS WE VOTE.


With coerced taxpayer dollars, while counting, they continue to lobby for their position, KNOWING exactly when and where the votes are and still remain to be “won”…. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!


This is not a referendum, it is a petition.


Tell me again why we don’t just join Russia along with the Ukraine.

He who casts a vote decides nothing. He who counts the vote decides everything. – Joseph Stalin