Date: Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 12:59 PM
Subject: No reason not to believe in evolution?

The Editor, National Post

Re: Jen Gerson, Dirks treated as ‘Old Earth guy’, Mar. 16

This article quotes University of Calgary prof. Irving Hexham as stating “I don’t think there is any reason why Christians can’t believe in evolution….”

  I disagree. I think there are lots of good reasons for not believing in molecules-to-man evolution.

  As a Christian with degrees in biology and theology, I can’t believe in evolution because of reasons like these:

  • lack of a credible mechanism to make it happen

  • the “evidence” for evolution keeps changing

  • arguments for evolution, when examined in detail, are less than compelling

  • multiplied errors and frauds by evolutionists — such as Haeckel’s embellished embryo drawings, which still appeared in university textbooks when I studied biology in the 1990s

  • evolution is quite compatible with atheistic nihilism, but the Bible has to be tortured before it begins to agree with evolution

  • a “creator” who used a malicious method like evolution as his way of creating a “very good” world would not be the God of the Bible.

  And that’s just for starters.

  By the way, I converted from atheism to Christianity, and later to creationism, in the Vancouver church where Irving Hexham attended back in the ’70s.

Richard Peachey, Abbotsford, BC