When THE MOST POWERFUL group in Ontario conspire to use their might and their money, (which is taxpayer money, since the dues paid by police to their union, comes from the wages, paid by private workers…….) to determine the outcome of a democratic election, – at that point an awful chasm has been crossed in terms of the freedom we assume in Canada. Left unchallenged, what essentially differentiates Canada from some thuggish tyranny where elections are carefully enforced by goons with guns. (The photos may depict soldiers who are protecting the citizens right to a free, secret, safe vote, or they may be seen as a subtle reminder of who is in power).

Clearly Ontario has police officers with integrity and the courage to stand against their top guns, but these two faces exerted enormous influence over the police force, or we would not know little of the corruption in the OPP.


Democracy is fragile and can only survive in a predominately honest culture, with an informed and engaged populace.  There MUST be transparency and accountability.  The Liberal government in Ontario stalled, deflected, put up roadblocks, until they had time to destroy all damming emails about their devious dealings with the two cancelled power plants.  No serious consequences to any of the players in what must be called criminal destruction of OUR GOVERNMENT RECORDS.  The culprits were given a soft landing in our BC Liberal executive.  What does that say about Christie Clark and her commitment to transparency.  Are these same folk busily eroding the public’s right to ask for documents under Freedom of Information.  Ooops,…..so sorry we cleaned up our computers.

Democracy is fragile.  With this abuse of power, this unchecked criminal activity at the highest levels of government, what separates us from the day when our freedom at the polls is ‘protected’ by the ruling tyrants enforcers.

I suggest that Kathleen Wynn won the Ontario election directly because of the powerful police union interference.