. . . And then there are the PINK SHIRT TERRORISTS. To counteract the droning banality of wearing pink, I suggest that on February 25th (or whatever that august day is) we should choose for our wardrobe that day some lovely sky blues, forest greens, sunset reds, and maybe even jet black.

We stop bullying when we raise quality children, by consciously exercising discipline over our own self-interest and taking our Creator’s manual for life seriously. And an obvious first start is pull the plug on the myriad amusements that focus on mayhem, blood and destruction, the entertainment aimed at adults as well as our precious kids.

 Celebrate February 25th! Wear FOREST GREEN. I’m very much opposed to bullying — including bullying in the form of pressuring people to conform to some ideal pushed by manipulating social engineers like those making boys run around in PINK, an obviously girl’s colours. What we need is men to spend time with their sons and daughters. Women to spend more time with their sons and daughters. Men and women need one another. Boys and girls need each other, but we are not the same. Males and females have definite and unique differences. Melding the two only causes confusion and harm.