Once upon my lifetime, I thought I might enjoy a career change from being a banker, to taking a couple of years at UCFV (now UFV) with the goal of becoming a teaching assistant.  I’d already taken a couple of years of general arts courses before I got married, and had for years enjoyed teaching kids in various clubs.

So I did all the necessary prep work and the day of orientation arrived.  At that time Dr. Gloria Wolfson was professor and department head of the Social Works program.  (That title may be even more impressive, but its been a few years)

Anyway, Dr. Wofson addressed this large room full of future social work hopefuls, and this, to the best of my recollection, is what she said.

“Some of you see the world in black and white.  If that describes you, Social Work is not for you.  There is no black or white in this world.  Real life is all SHADES OF GREY!”

And she is right of course,………. IF the almighty God and creator, sustainer and ultimate judge does not exist.  (By the way, you may notice that Dr. Wolfson is employing really strong black and white language here.)

But God does exist, and so Dr. Wolfson is wrong.

That was one of two times that I switched courses after taking only the first session.  The other occasion was when I signed on for Sociology as one of my courses.  The instructor, whose name eludes me, said, “If you are someone who believes that God created the world, I assure you, you will not believe that by the time you have finished my course.”

Now since I started taking university courses for the joy of learning, and using my own money, I really saw no point in enduring such a level of ignorance.  The instructor was wrong in assuming that everyone in his class would crumble under his superior intellect.  It was his obviously inferior intellect that wasn’t worth the bother of my time and money.

Unfortunately, while our colleges and universities have many fabulous instructors, and most do not display such stupid arrogance, sadly for all of us, it appears that academia, by and large, wants to embarrass belief in God right out of all education, …….. erased from all students from kindergartens kids to doctoral candidates.

You want to get through the system, you keep your own thoughts shrouded, or be prepared for a much more arduous journey.

And how has that worked out?

The evidence for God our creator shouts at us, from microscopic to telescopic His design, His artistry, His power is everywhere.  You have to shut your eyes, stop your ears and shut your brain down not to see His handiwork.

But sin is real, and mankind actively rebels against His truth.  And so we live in a world with competing spiritual forces, Satan, the father of lies battles against almighty God.  God is there for those who call on Him in faith. He sent His only Son to redeem us from our hopeless separation from Him.

For people who reject the God of all truth, the world is a quagmire,……..my truth, your truth, his truth, ……. who decides?  Ultimately we descend into political systems where the strong oppress the weak, the clever outwit the dull, and the cruel rule over the meek.

In the Bible, God reveals some of His nature and character to us, whom He has created in His own image.  He gives us guidance for our temporal journey through this life.  He shows us glimpses of eternity with Him.  He tells us He loves us, and He proves it in giving His only Son, Jesus, God incarnate to bear all of the sins, of all of us.

The Bible is the most wonderful book on earth.  It is also the most difficult book on earth, because we can’t understand God’s truths without His Holy Spirit to open our spiritual eyes.  Giving our lives over to Christ makes us saints, but not in the silly sense that we have halos and wings, ….. that we no longer stumble and fall.  Salvation means we have been made perfect – in Christ – in His perfection.  We have been born again, spiritually made clean and holy because His holy blood washes away our sin.

But that is just the beginning, the turning point from death to eternal life.  Christians are on a journey, and for some the progress is slower and tedious, often marred by some hard tumbles.  That is why the Apostle Paul writes, “Follow me, as I follow Christ.”  Don’t look at stumbling believers to conclude that the Leader is unworthy.

So yes, if this is all we’ve got, just mere mortals, eating, drinking and being merry, it all does become tasteless.  Selfish people rarely have deep and lasting peace and joy. If materialistic evolution is true, ‘from dust to dust’, and nothing beyond the grave,….. then Dr. Wolfson is right, only she isn’t nearly grim enough.  Not only would everything be ‘shades of grey’, without God, all of life would be helpless, meaningless, hopeless, filled with despair, dog-eat-dog,………...and black!!

But thanks be to God for His wonderful love, His mercy to forgive us, again and again, His gift of love seen in the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

‘Come to the Saviour, make no delay.  Here in His Word He’s shown us the way.’