I was born in Holland, July of 1944.  Less than two months later the last train rolled out of Holland with ‘the apple of God’s eye crammed in steel cars, destined for their deaths, in Germany.

What can ever explain this depth of depravity, of man’s inhumanity to man?  Nothing can, – absolutely nothing, – other than men and women doing the work of Satan, the enemy of our eternal souls.  

And now 70 years later, hatred of the Jews is being roiled up around the world.  Israel, the only democratic country in the midst of countries that are patently ruled by injustice and oppression, yet Israel is the global, number one object of derision, mockery and worse,….far worse.

The leftish ‘elites’, (as they love to see themselves) are silent as murder and mayhem rocks our globe, but these pillars of enlightened thinking get into paroxysms of rage at Israel, this tiny country, trying to defend itself from enemies all around, ….enemies who seemingly will settle for nothing less than the total annihilation of the Jews.

For anyone who in the quiet of their heart, ponders their own certain demise, and shuts out the noise of this world long enough to wonder what comes after death,…..  I would recommend that you spend time reading the Word of Life.  This is a spiritual battle, one that Satan would appear to be winning.  But the end of the story is already written.  – Gerda

ROBERT KRELL, (excerpts)  National Post, May 8, 2014 “recalls the Canadian soldiers who entered his Dutch town and saved his Jewish family”

He writes that the performance of “The diary of Anne Frank, “was an improved version of the original, in that it ends not with the sugar coating of Anne’s observations on the basic goodness of humankind, but with a summary offered by her father Otto Frank, the only survivor, on what really happened to his family and the other Jews hidden in the secret Annex.  All were betrayed.  They were deported on the last train to leave Hollan on September 3, 1944, and all suffered brutal deaths, Anne, that extraordinarily bright and gifted child, was separated from her parents in Auschwitz, then watched her older sister Margo die in Bergen-Beelsen before she herself succumbed to typhus.  Children today are offered the picture of a pretty girl that obscures that awful truth, an image that draws us into thinking primarily of her positive qualities rather than the horrors that awaited her.”

“Many Dutch men and women did betray their Jewish neighbours.  That in part accounts for the Nazis’ “success” rate in the murder of Dutch Jews.  A train packed with about a thousand people left the Westerbork transit camp every week from June 15, 1942 to Sept. 3, 1944, Ni traub was ever stopped through sabotage or resistance………..”the last transport to Auschwitz consisted of 498 men, 442 women and 79 children – a total of 1,019 people.” Of these, 45 men and 82 women survived.  The children did not.  Of an estimated 14,000 children in hiding in Holland, over half were betrayed.

[Robert Krell’s parents survived] – “But after three years of living in fear of discovery and starvation, they were no longer the same parents who gave me up to save my life.  Their entire families of origin were murdered.  They had had parents and brothers and sister in 1942.  In 1945, all were gone.”