My gorgeous, intelligent, wonderful sister Joan said, ‘No more’ to cancer treatments, and she died.

Like little Makayla Sault, Joan was made deathly ill by chemotherapy treatments, until she said this was not life worth living, stop all treatment, and allow her to die.

The big difference is that Joan was an adult, in her early 40s, but Makayla was just a little girl, not yet 12.

So a battle rages, with seemingly the majority insisting that the doctors, authorized by the state should have greater power over life and death decisions, than the child or her parents.

Death is certain for all of us, but there are some gross inconsistencies when the state controls too many aspects of our lives, from birth to death.

In Canada the State, states that Makayla could have been legally killed by her own mother, in the womb, right up to the last second of her first nine months on earth.

The State also states that little Makayla could have conceived her own baby within a few short years, and she, without any requirement to consult with the parents who love her and nurtured her throughout her young life, this little girl, barely aware of the world around her, could with impunity have met with an abortionist, to have the life within her ripped apart.

But children in Canada who can legally, with neither the knowledge or permission of their parents or guardians undergo a major operation, (make no mistake about it, abortion IS a major operation, that sometimes kills the woman), yet children MUST have guardian consent to get prescription drugs.  This is not an admirable or healthy system.

Abortion is a dangerous operation.  It always results in one death, the death of the target baby.  But it also results in long-term psychological damage.  You cannot kill your own child without something going on in your heart and mind and soul.

I have met a lot of women who aborted their own babies.  The biggest lie of abortionists is that this is merely the excising of some flesh, like, you know,……taking out an appendix………Some of those women could never conceive again.  Some suffered nasty physical complications from botched abortions, but all suffer.  Many women repress the pain, but it won’t be kept buried forever and shows up in myriad ways down the road.

But what about the outrage over the Christian faith of Makayla’s parents?  Makayla says Jesus appeared to her.  Should faith trump the wonders of Western medicine, hospitals, doctors and nurses?  Was that a vision of Jesus Christ or hallucinations caused by the illness? And if it was Jesus, why did the little girl die?  Atheism and agnosticism can’t answer those questions.  But then modern medicine loses many of the children under it’s ministrations.   What’s worse is the number of children who lose their lives because of errors made by health care professionals.

At least a partial answer can be found in the periodic exposes of the real world of health care.  About once a decade we get a good hard look at what goes in in those hallowed halls of medicine.  Mostly the doors are kept firmly closed to the deep mysteries of life and death, and what really caused the deaths. Iatrogenic and nosocomial are a couple of words we really should look up.

While there are wonderful, intelligent, hard-working and caring health-care professionals, it makes for an altogether better life to take care of the bodies God has given us and apply a lot more common sense as to what we do with these mortal frames.

(My thoughts on  Joseph Brean’s article, ‘The story of MAKAYLA SAULT  2003 – 2015  ‘A short life of courage, faith’ in the  National Post, Jan 21, 2015)