Texas canyon in days
(The link for the Science News article is: . http://www.sciencenewsdigital.org/sciencenews/20100717?pg=17#pg17)

Similarly rapid catastrophic episodes occurred before our eyes at Mount St. Helens and the Burlingame Canyon.

I grew up in Southern Ontario. A wonderful creek bordered the length of our farm on one side while an entirely different creek wound through a forest and along a portion of our farm on the opposite side. So for many years I watched the seasonal changes, and the incredible power of water.

In reading the nonsensical attempts of people intent on disproving God, I see endless references to ‘shallow seas’, and ‘placid lakes’ and ‘local flood’ and gently lifting faults and any number of geologic events, that are supposed to explain the abundance, indeed the untold billions of once viable living plants, animals, birds and sea creatures, found embedded in sedimentary rock layers the earth over.  I have listened to the most astounding explanations from guides on fossil outings. These are really nice people, but they have shut down their own brains to parrot the ruling paradigm to explain the fossils, often perfectly preserved, delicate impressions telling us a story, the story of all life forms slammed into a cementing matrix, while in the fullness of life. We hold in our hands a piece of Noah’s Flood, 4,500 year old rock.

All gas, oil, coal and natural chalk are from once living flora and fauna. The compressed mass of all life on earth destroyed by the wrath of God. The Global Flood of Noah’s day.

Evolution needs millions, billions of years. Years beyond our comprehension or ability to prove. Evolutionists toss about those vast ages as if they are accurate, provable.  Snap your fingers and declare any number of years you thing your scenario demands.  How easy is that?

Read the literature and look for the miracles. Evolution requires more miracles than all religions of all time put together.

Keep reading and you will see their world is a jumble of conflicting assertions.  The one constant is that evolution is true. There is no Creator God. What a relief. Now you are free to ‘eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you die’. Dust to dust. Phew! Good thing there is no Divine Judge to whom we will answer for how we lived our lives.

It’s very, very important to suppress what our eyes see, otherwise we would see such a chasm between what the real world tells us, and what the the purported ‘science’ of evolution demands we believe. You see, real science is testable, repeatable, falsifiable, empirical, subject to observation and experiment. Evolution meets none of those requirements.  Evolution pretends to tell you about the beginning, the origin of life.

But at the heart of evolution lies atheism. Having pre-determined that the Creator does not exist, though the evidence shouts His existence, evolution is doomed and dammed to futility. But like an alcoholic who can’t bear to descend into his destructive abyss alone, evolution works with might and main to destroy faith in our wonderful Lord, and take humanity down into godless, meaningless and eternal separation from this God of love.

When you allow mere mortals to convince you that they are academically untouchable, something on the level of demigods, you reduce your own profound ability to analyze and discern truth.