(As my friend does not have a computer I told him I would post his thoughts on this controversy.)

In view of the controversy in the media recently concerning the proposed faculty of Law at Trinity Western University, it appears, to the layman, that a number of members of the bar are angry and strongly opposed to the possibility that some future bar members will be morally responsible people.  Which in turn leads one to speculate on the morality of those in opposition.

The opinions of a bar member in opposition expressed on television recently, indicates the prejudice this person stated would influence the interpretation of law by graduates of a faith-based university.  It would be a delightful experience to be able to engage an attorney and be sure they were honest and incorruptible.

I would add that I wish all people, irregardless of faith, colour, politics, or sexual persuasion, could be defended in time of need by a learned, moral person of great faith, because their fate would be in caring hands.

In closing I wish to remind all judges, attorneys and prosecutors  that the base of the law you are trusted to administer is based on the Ten Commandments, and this statement is not debatable.

R. H. Diesel,

Aldergrove, B.C.