…….but I want to say THANK YOU.

Somewhere out there are 3,291 people who voted for me.

I am truly thankful for every one of you, and I don’t know who most of you are, or exactly why you did me such an honour.

Over the years total strangers have approached me with the lovely words, “I voted for you.”  I ask them to tell me why, and their answers give me the motivation to go on.

There is no group of any kind behind me in any election. I do not have ‘the church’ vote. I don’t have the backing of a union ‘brotherhood’. No ethnic group. Not the business people, not the ‘artsy’ folk, …….so who?

(Among the small group of people I call close friends, we are as likely to be at odds with one another, as we are to be in harmonious accord. That is because we tend to be independent thinkers, which is why we like each other.)

So who are these 3,291 delightful people who show some confidence in my qualifications for the really important role of city councillor?

I don’t know most of these voters, but I know that wonderful encounters with strangers will continue to surprise and delight my life.

My concern about the entrance of slate politics took pretty well the bulk of my time and energy, so that I only actively spent time promoting my own campaign material on two of the available days. Those were really enjoyable times of walking and interacting with some of the people I met along the way.

So if I am alive and well when the next election rolls around in four years I might run for council again. Politics is great stuff.

So thanks to you who did feel enough confidence to vote for me, and anyone reading this who chose not to, that is the wonderful freedom we have in this best of all political systems. It’s worth our time and energy to preserve our democratic system of governance.

— Gerda Peachey