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Hi Mike:   (Abbotsford Today)

Sorry to see the distortions that you have injected into my letter.  So for the sake of clarity, I would hope that you will display what I actually wrote to you.

The original neither looks nor feels like your article here.

I’ll post both my letter and your article on my web, as well as your earlier response to my request for clarity.

Certainly Vince Dimanno is under no obligation to show me documents that would dispel the rumours that have circulated for years, but if there is no basis for such doubts, it will be a simple matter for Vince to produce minutes of meeting, and financial statements for this Association.

The computer shows that Abbotsford Ratepayers meet at Bethel Reformed on Gladwin Rd.   Again, if Vince has been conducting meetings there, it should be very easy to clear the air…

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