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“WHY I LEFT THE ARA I was one of the people who was very involved in the Abbotsford Ratepayers Association at the very beginning. In fact I am listed as a Director in the BC Societies application. I was very supportive of the ARA because of how the referendum on Plan A was conducted as well as how property taxes were collected and spent. As the ARA began to make decisions on a variety of issues I became increasingly concerned about the decision making process. As a former Director / Vice President of the United Way of the Fraser Valley and the Mayne Island Chamber of Commerce I was aware of the liability that Directors had re decisions taken by a non-profit association. Because of this liability I initiated motions / discussions with regard to conducting the ARA meetings using Roberts Rules of Order. I regret that my requests were never taken into account by the ARA Executive and specifically President / Chair Vince Dimanno. In addition I as a Director became increasingly concerned about the lack of financial reporting other than vague comments about donations coming in and there being funds in the bank to pay for the production of a 2008 local election edition of Abbotsford Today. I was eventually sanctioned by the Executive for asking these essential questions and making demands that the ARA become more accountable and transparent. It also became apparent that the ARA was partisan and that it was actually a local election entity for a few of its “members”. I regretfully left the ARA due to the lack of transparency and accountability of the Executive and specifically Vince Dimanno. I believe that Vince Dimanno’s plans for the ARA have come to fruition with the formation of AbbotsfordFirst. It is a shame that the ability of Abbotsford residents to have an association to express concerns regarding taxation was taken from them by Vince Dimanno through the manner in which he as self-proclaimed “President” of the ARA conducted himself.”

Trudy M. Beyak’s Facebook comment on the above article:
This is “must reading.” Again, this is a first-hand report that proves to me why AbbotsfordFIRST, is dead last in integrity. They cannot be trusted to manage the city’s $250 million budget. The entire slate — because they are a team who do not have the wisdom, nor the courage to hoist someone who is not trustworthy off their slate — has not our earned the public trust. Click on Lynn Perrin’s post . . . called WHY I LEFT THE ARA… It is an eye-opener. Thanks Lynn for telling it like it is…Sickening! And AbbotsfordFIRST wants to rule over us? No thanks!