The advance polls had a robust turnout, so lots of ballots have already been cast. Four years is a long time if we chose bad leaders. Abbotsford chose wise, courageous men and women on Saturday, so that you can look forward to wise decisions made about your money and the good of your city.

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To my well meaning friends, I say that I appreciate your concern for me, and YES, to anyone else reading this, I would love to be on our city council for the next four years.

For the last few decades I have attempted to effect change from the sidelines. Once in a while my efforts have borne fruit, ……. just enough to encourage me to go on.

Today for the first time I really did focus on my own candidacy, rather than the awful fate that awaits our city if Vince Dimanno and his slate-mates seize control of City Hall.

We got our second letter from Vince Dimanno’s lawyer today. I feel no need to respond to an email threat, the sole purpose of this legal intimidation being to silence the scrutiny that all of our city should be turning on Dimanno.

What is increasingly troubling is the blind, zombie…

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