From the website THE TRUTH BEHIND ABBOTSFORDFIRST CANDIDATES:  (This is NOT my web site.  I only have one site.)  (This site was created by some founding members of Vince Dimanno’s long ago defunct Abbotsford Ratepayers Association)

Behind each AbbotsfordFirst candidate is an Executive council, consisting of five members – Fred Thiessen, Jack Robertson, June Ross, Eric Nyvall, and Mary Snider.  But that’s not all.  Behind THAT Executive council is an Advisory Council, consisting of EIGHTEEN members.  Remember the statements Ross Siemens made, in my previous  post, about the slate being five independent voices, voting individually – ” … we are not bound by any agreement. We are independent voices and our voting on issues will be as independents, we are not a political party that has a caucus whip or party discipline issues.”  Contrast that with the statement, below, from the Advisory Council.  In particular, note the reference to an actual political party –  the boldened and italicized parts are my doing.

So, which is it, Ross?  If you are so independent what’s with those TWENTY-THREE PEOPLE standing behind you, advising theAbbotsford First Party to which you obviously must belong?  Is this what voters can expect if they elect an AbbotsfordFirst candidate – that each conversation with that person is actually a conversation with twenty-three shadows?!?

“Advisory Council

Mission Statement:

The AFAC exists to gather information and provide advice to the Abbotsford First Party Executive regarding priorities for the City of Abbotsford.

The Abbotsford First Advisory Council is responsible for advising the Abbotsford First Party Executive and Councillors on matters relating to the City of Abbotsford.

AFAC is a volunteer body appointed by Abbotsford First executive.
The Council must meet four times in a calendar year, and ad hoc committee meetings are held as required.
The council gathers information on issues important to the citizens of Abbotsford.
The suggestions and feedback gathered through the consultations are used to develop advice on legislation, policies, funding and coordination of the activities of the Abbotsford First Party.
This body will contain no less than 10 individuals.
It is critical to have members of this council who represent the community broadly.”

And those members are:

Alf Wall;  Betty Johnson;  Ed Regts;  Jason Stobbe;  Bruce Konrad;  Peter Dahl;  Ann Penner;  Gerry Swan;  Nerida Bullock;  Menno Froese;  Rob Noel;  Greg Gleam;  Bob Blue;  Harv Wiens;  Jason Born;  Carl Durksen;  Lisa Schlagentweit;  Rob Taylor.

Imagine.  All these people, giving “advice on legislation, policies, funding and coordination of the activities of the Abbotsford First Party” and the AbbotsfordFirst slate councillors.  Independent councillors?!?  I don’t think so!

And how is it that we are able to view this vital piece of information about AbbotsfordFirst?  Well, it’s not because they’re being generous, it’s because their hand was forced.  More on that in the next post.