To my well meaning friends, I say that I appreciate your concern for me, and YES, to anyone else reading this, I would love to be on our city council for the next four years.

For the last few decades I have attempted to effect change from the sidelines. Once in a while my efforts have borne fruit, ……. just enough to encourage me to go on.

Today for the first time I really did focus on my own candidacy, rather than the awful fate that awaits our city if Vince Dimanno and his slate-mates seize control of City Hall.

We got our second letter from Vince Dimanno’s lawyer today. I feel no need to respond to an email threat, the sole purpose of this legal intimidation being to silence the scrutiny that all of our city should be turning on Dimanno.

What is increasingly troubling is the blind, zombie march of the other four. Ross Siemens, Brenda Falk, Kelly Chahal and Sandy Blue may have been reasonable human beings before they aligned themselves with a man who has fraudulently portrayed himself to them and to the world.

But Siemens, Falk, Chahal and Blue DO KNOW NOW! Knowing that one of their party/group/team/slate is of such questionable character, they nonetheless sing in unison, march lock-step and charge the gates of the city. Creepy.

This really is the creepiest thing I have witnessed in all my years of watching local politics.

Recently I met with one of the founding members of the Abbotsford Ratepayers Association. This woman who has held many positions within societies/associations was gravely concerned about the slipshod manner in which Vince Dimanno led this citizen watchdog group. The ARA died a chaotic and dysfunctional death about a year after its incorporation in Victoria, BC. But Dimanno never stopped using the ARA for his own personal advancement, as we can clearly see today, when we look at the glossy advertisement on the website of his SLATE, AbbotsfordFirst.  The central, core, foundational claim to fame alongside Vince Dimanno’s name is that he is CURRENTLY THE PRESIDENT OF THE ARA.

What an odd thing to say about a group that barely got off the ground before it collapsed in failure. And indeed it was dissolved by the BC Registry in April of 2012.

Anyway, back to my friend. She repeatedly asked Dimanno to adhere to society regulations, to set up a bank account, to show the financial records to the members. Well guess what Mr. Dimanno did to this woman?? Give up??

Vince Dimanno had one of his pals on the board read a letter of censure in a public meeting. Yeah, that’s how Vince Dimanno controls information. He shows no financial records, censures one who asks for records that MUST be made available to members of a registered society, holds the questioner up for public scorn, and continues to manipulate the group to conform to his tyrannical control.

Vince in response to my same request for documents in October of 2014 can’t censure me, or manipulate a group to shut up my questions, so he turns some bigger guns on me. Bring on the threat of a lawsuit.

Now who are these people listed below?  Why do they solidly stand in support of a man who (according to the many people who have now spoken to me about their experiences with Vince and his ‘leading’ of ARA) I conclude would be a disaster if he gained power over our city.

Why do the people shown below want Vince Dimanno or any of the AbbotsfordFirst slate to control our city?

AbbotsfordFirst Advisory Council

Mision Statement: [sic]

The AFAC exists to gather information and provide advice to the Abbotsford First Party Executive regarding priorities for the City of Abbotsford.

The Abbotsford First Advisory Council is responsible for advising the Abbotsford First Party Executive and Councillors on matters relating to the City of Abbotsford.

• AFAC is a volunteer body appointed by Abbotsford First executive.

• The Council must meet four times in a calendar year, and ad hoc committee meetings are held as required.

• The council gathers information on issues important to the citizens of Abbotsford.

• The suggestions and feedback gathered through the consultations are used to develop advice on legislation, policies, funding and coordination of the activities of the Abbotsford First Party.

• This body will contain no less than 10 individuals.

• It is critical to have members of this council who represent the community broadly.

Current Advisory Council Members

Alf Wall

Betty Johnson

Ed Regts

Jason Stobbe

Bruce Konrad

Peter Dahl

Ann Penner

Gerry Swan

Nerida Bullock

Menno Froese

Rob Noel

Greg Gleam

Bob Blue

Harv Wiens

Jason Born

Carl Durksen

Lisa Schlagentweit

Rob Taylor