By Richard Peachey

The evidence has arrived: Abbotsford council candidate Vince Dimanno did not tell the truth.

Vince Dimanno’s primary claim to fame in his self-promotion is that he is currently President of the Abbotsford Ratepayers Association (ARA).

On Oct. 11, under questioning by Gerda Peachey, Mr. Dimanno admitted that this association had been dissolved by the provincial registry. But he gave a false date for the dissolution (“last year”), and he gave a false reason (“inability to meet the minimum requirements of Directors to conform to the Society Act”).

Mr. Dimanno has been challenged several times concerning his falsehoods — for example see my article here and this Abbotsford News exposé — but so far he has shrugged off the discrepancy. Now, however, we have received copies of the ARA documentation on file with the BC Registry. (See two photos below.)

The documents show clearly that the ARA was dissolved on April 13, 2012 (not “last year”) and the reason was “failure to file” (not a shortage of directors).

On Jan. 30, 2012, the BC Registry had mailed a warning letter to Vince Dimanno’s address at the time, 35333 Sandy Hill Road, Abbotsford BC V3G 1J2. The letter was a “Notice of Commencement of Dissolution” and its heading stated “No Annual Reports filed since June 24, 2008.” Since that date was the ARA’s date of incorporation, it is clear that Vince Dimanno and his ARA board had NEVER filed any of the legally required reports.

Vince Dimanno had the facts, but he chose to present a different version of reality, a version that downplayed the true situation. In his made-up story the dissolution took place only a short time ago (“last year”) and for an unavoidable reason (shortage of directors). The truth is that the dissolution occurred two-and-a-half years ago, and for an avoidable reason. He could have sent in the paperwork. He could still do it now, and he could even get the dissolution reversed. But no, he’d rather fudge the truth, and when challenged he’d rather call it “a distraction” and “not an issue.”

Why are his fellow candidates in the AbbotsfordFirst party not holding him “Accountable”?

Voters of Abbotsford, do you want to elect someone who has now been proven to play fast and loose with truth (on such a relatively minor point, too)? Someone who won’t man up and admit it when confronted with clear reality? Do you want to give him a role in controlling $250,000,000 in taxpayer dollars? I sincerely hope not.

Please, do not vote for Vince Dimanno. And don’t vote for anyone who is in a position to hold him to account but refuses to do so.

ARA dissolved1ARA dissolved2