November 13, 2008:  When asked to put his Abbotsford Ratepayers Association financial dealings to rights, Vince Dimanno wrote,……… “I can tell you unequivocally that there is not a chance of that happening.”  

Back in November of 2008, Dimanno, instead of simply getting the ARA financial house to comply with BC Registry requirements, stalls, ducks, dodges, and hides behind his wife’s illness.  Early in October of 2014 I asked Vince to authenticate his grandiose claims of being president of a large, significant, local group of citizen watchdogs.  Dimanno’s immediate response, by way of his on-line news, Abbotsford Today, was the threat of a lawsuit.  He and his partner, Mike Archer, have publicly repeated that threat five times, but provided no boring old proof that ARA exists as a genuine duly-registered society.  Because of course it died in 2009.

But finally last Sunday afternoon Mr. Dimanno wrote to me, and to the world out there, so the squalid nature of his email is already very public.  Dimanno sends me not a single smidgen of boring old Minutes of ARA meetings.  No Financial Statements to show where any monies from membership or donations have gone in all the years beginning in 2007 right up until October, 2014.  (There was a DONATE button on the ARA website right up to the time that I sent my initial request for clarity.   We need to get this resolved, given that Dimanno and his SLATE/party want to take over city council on Nov. 15)

No documentary proof provided in his letter that I have posted on my web.  Instead Mr. Dimannno uses his wife’s illness to completely deflect my simple request for documents.  He rants and emotes and attempts to paint me, the questioner, as hard and cruel given the tragedy of his circumstances. He asks me where I was when he was giving his wife enemas.  I would assure Mr. Dimanno that had I even been part of his life, which I most certainly was not, I would definitely not have been present at such an intimate event.  Is the man sick?

It would have taken about the same amount of time to simply produce boring old documents.  But he can’t – and he never could, and he never did file any documents with the government, because ARA died a premature, chaotic death.  But Mr. Dimanno rode high on his claims, for years.  And no one at the CBC, CKNW, major television and newspaper bothered to check his claims.  Below is an excerpt from a founding member of the ARA.  I have deleted her name, but Vince certainly knows her, one of many members who repeatedly asked him to get the association into compliance with government regulations.  He refused to do so.   Please note that I was never an integral part of this group, having only tagged along with a friend for a few meetings.  I did not care for it and declined further invitations.

My reason for asking Dimanno to clear away the years of rumours were PURELY motivated by his bid for power over my city.  Subsequent events convince me that the worst thing that could happen now is a win by Dimanno or any of his deliberately blind slate members.   –  Gerda

To: Gerda Peachey <>

[From my friend:] Gerda.  Keep in mind that VD’s assertions about not having help are all lies.  This is what helped unravel everything; he thought he was isolating us but we were all friends with each other, and we started comparing emails and VD wasn’t very good at remembering what story he told to whom……………..  No one ever turned down a job.  He never asked for a Record Keeper.  And people would not form committees because they already had a sense that they would be isolated even further.  However, we ALL asked what needed to be done and volunteered to do it, without committee, and VD always told us “no, I’ve got that handled – so-and-so is doing it”.

Begin forwarded message:     (Red high-light is mine.  Gerda)

From: “Vince Dimanno” <>

Subject: RE: Further agenda request
Date: November 13, 2008 at 12:37:19 PM PST
To:  (Name)
Reply-To: <>


I hope that this list of requests really outlines to you my position. You want paperwork and I don’t have anyone helping me with any of this stuff. So, 5 days after the most important event in the Association’s short history, you want me to generate every piece of paper related to it. I can tell you unequivocally that there is not a chance of that happening.

-My Secretary only took the position because no one else would do it. Anne took the job “kicking and screaming” all the way.

-My Treasurer is Moe Gill’s campaign manager and I can’t ask him to come up with that kind of paperwork in that amount of time.

-My requests for a Membership manager fell on deaf ears

-My requests for a Record Keeper fell on deaf ears

-There are no committees remember…cause no one has ever volunteered for one despite my constant requests

With all due respect, it’s time for a reality check. I own my own business and work 80 hours a week. I have a 6 year old daughter and a wife who is taking steroid enemas each night so she can keep her colon. Completely aside from the magazine, I have forked out about $2000 for the ARA All Candidate Meetings and the Association does not have enough money in the bank to pay me back for all of that. I’ve just spent the last month without sleep organizing those meetings and putting out the magazine so that the ARA would finally get a legitimate foothold in this community.

When Russ Walsh and I were looking for volunteers on the night of each meeting, people stepped forward, but when people were needed in the planning and organizing stages NO ONE volunteered. The work on the night was nothing, but the 4 weeks of organizing, planning and staging where we really needed help, the ARA crowd was silent. I am aware of your input for Russ, but understand that this kind of thing takes a whole team. Our numbers were similar to the Chamber event and they had a committee of 12 people working on theirs.

So, when you tell me that the ARA hasn’t accomplished as much as it should, frankly, I’m insulted right down to the ground. Your only suggestion in the last two emails has been to get the web site running. Let me tell you as an expert in that field, that a pretty web site is still not “doing” something. I’ve spent the last month “doing” something and I’ve put my time and my money where my mouth is.

Because of it, I’m broke, fat and tired and I don’t have time for more of these emails. We can certainly talk about the future of the ARA at the next meeting, but further discussion must wait until then. Enter into the Minutes at that meeting your formal request for the paperwork you outline below and I’ll see that it is done and distributed in a timely fashion following the meeting.

Vince Dimanno
Deep Blue Creative Inc.
Toll Free

FOOTNOTE:  ABBOTSFORDFIRST HAS JUST ANNOUNCED:   A 16 -page newspaper.  This newspaper will be delivered to nearly 40,000 homes, direct to the mailbox, throughout Abbotsford this week.  (Full colour on the website)

The PRESIDENT of the long-ago defunct Abbotsford Ratepayers Association and his unblinking partners, Ross Siemens, Brenda Falk, Kelly Chahal, Sandy Blue continue their surge for power over Abbotsford.  A quarter of a billion tax-payer money under the control of a man who would not provide financial clarity to the founding members of his ARA  Why are the four other slate members forging ahead with such overwhelming evidence showing their prime candidate to be unfit for leadership of our city?

Abbotsford, ….. Inform yourself, engage yourself and get out in force to prevent the SLATE dominance of  our city by AbbotsfordFirst, a group who will put Abbotsford Last, and their team members ahead of 140,000 citizens.  How do I know that?  Because that is what they are doing right now.

– Gerda Peachey

I will give the last word to Vince Dimanno as to what proper financial bookkeeping will look like under his leadership,……“I can tell you unequivocally that there is not a chance of that happening.”