Thanks for this opportunity to answer – If elected, what would you do as Mayor/Councillor, if anything, to support arts, culture and heritage in Abbotsford? 

I would first have to say that I am rather a dullard myself when it comes to art.  My sister Joan was a wonderful artist who taught many southern Ontario folk to paint…..she also tried to teach me, and declared me her first failure.

Twice I signed up to learn water-colour from our wonderful Gwen Gregorig.  She was too gracious to state the obvious.

But I whole-heartedly agree that the vast spectrum of all things called ‘art’ are healthy and necessary in a wholesome diverse community.  My own lack of artistry does not prevent my delight in the talents of others.

If these give me some credence, I do have an incredibly beautiful garden, and I jam with musicians at local coffee houses. I taught guitar at prison.

So I would most definitely support arts, culture and heritage in its many forms.  But I am not open to pornography posing as art, so would stand against any public monies being used to support what I regard as filth or degradation.

Our rock and gem club meets at Kariton House, where we have been surrounded by the amazing skill and beauty of our local artists.

Rock on Abbotsford Arts.