From: Gerda Peachey <>
Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 11:49 AM
To: Fred Thiessen <>, Marty Snider <>,,,,,

Someone sent this to me, but I don’t know if the name below is necessarily the Vince Dimanno who, via five different communications, both through Mike Archer and his own email to Richard, is muttering about legal action, against me. If he does follow through on that, Richard and I will go through that journey as we have gone through all of our life together,……looking to God for wisdom and guidance and His love and His peace. God does not promise a life free of difficulty, but He does promise to be there with us, all through the journey.

I do know that Nina Watt, Vince’s wife, sued a local newspaper and Jeremy Postal for an article on ‘feminism’ that offended her.

It is a huge concern that the four other slate members, who might have been quality people in their own right, say nothing about their star candidate for council, and continue in their drive for dominance on our city council, while legitimate questions about Dimanno are left unanswered.

My friend wrote, “…….a friend did a legal search on Dimanno, have a look.. he spends a lot of time in court.”

Vince Dimanno court cases

Note from Richard Peachey: I have rearranged the table we were sent by a friend. The table had four duplications, which I have eliminated. I have put the remaining ten court cases in chronological order, and I note that two of them were last updated just a month ago. I have also bolded references to Dimanno (or his company) as the one suing or being sued, and I have bolded references to the Supreme Court.

Five of the cases were Supreme Court cases; the other five were Provincial Small Claims Court cases.

In three cases Vince Dimanno (or his company?) is suingin six cases Vince Dimanno (or his company?) is being sued. In one case the connection between Vince Dimanno and the lawsuit is unclear (Home Trust Company v. Bank of Montreal).

In the 2006 case the “date last updated” is before the “date file opened,” which seems unusual (impossible, even!). In the 2009 case the two dates are exactly the same. These two cases both have Vince Dimanno (or his company) as the one suing. So it seems that when he starts a lawsuit he doesn’t necessarily follow through. Nice to know, for those of us who have been threatened with legal action by Vince Dimanno.

Postscript from Gerda: Vince Dimanno is a man who seeks a council seat, along with four other slate candidates under the name AbbotsfordFirst. A win by this slate of 5 would automatically give them the deciding vote on all matters before council. Vince, a man who did not open a proper bank account, or file any documents to the BC Registry for the 2008 Abbotsford Ratepayers Association, a group that effectively died within a year, and decidedly was dissolved by the government in 2012…….this man, as we see here, has multiple financial lawsuits going on. If Vince becomes a councillor in Abbotsford he will hold sway over a quarter of a billion dollars, the money that comes from the tax-paying public.