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From: Gerda Peachey <>
Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 11:49 AM
To: Fred Thiessen <>, Marty Snider <>,,,,,

Someone sent this to me, but I don’t know if the name below is necessarily the Vince Dimanno who, via five different communications, both through Mike Archer and his own email to Richard, is muttering about legal action, against me. If he does follow through on that, Richard and I will go through that journey as we have gone through all of our life together,……looking to God for wisdom and guidance and His love and His peace. God does not promise a life free of difficulty, but He does promise to be there with us, all through the journey.

I do know that Nina Watt, Vince’s wife, sued a local newspaper and Jeremy Postal for an article on ‘feminism’ that offended her.

It is a huge…

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