Messrs Vince Dimanno and Mike Archer, two men who do computer/internet work for a living, want us to believe that they were complete bungling baboons at posting their own articles, to their own computers.

But Vince Dimanno said something at the Chamber of Commerce all-candidates meeting last night that is simply not true, not accurate, and not correct. It’s absolutely beyond belief that he can even believe his own words. Vince says that the horrific article about Lyle Caldwell was only up on Abbotsford Today site  for nine minutes. But I say here with absolute certainty that their vile post was up for DAYS, not minutes. I cannot say with certainty how many days, but it was over the course of a number of days. Certainly it was up on the ARA website for 24 days.

How do these two men think to convince the people who saw that post, that this contorted account of events is true? That articles just somehow get onto their websites, but they, the web-masters, have no idea how they got there, have no control on how long they stay there? How could the Caldwell article have got itself from Abbotsford Today over to Abbotsford Ratepayers Association, all without the knowledge of Vince Dimanno, the owner of both websites? Did he and Archer both “forget” about the regular RSS feed? (Dimanno certainly was able to manipulate the so-called “automatic” feed system to include a lot more articles from Abbotsford News on the ARA site, beginning Oct. 11, when it was pointed out that there had been a significant overlap in content between the Abbotsford Today and ARA websites.)

Dimanno and Archer are stretching credulity to the breaking point — and beyond.


To view Vince Dimanno’s opening remarks at the Oct. 29 all-candidates meeting:

Click here:

Depending on whether you’re a Mac or Windows user, you may need to click on a relevant icon.

In the calendar, make sure the month is “October” and click on “29”.

Click on the “Search” button.

Click on the link that appears.

Vince Dimanno’s opening speech is at 72:24. Here is what he said:

  “I’d like to use my minute to deal with a personal issue. I am the co-owner of Abbotsford Today, and on October fourth a column was created for content on that website that was given to me to review, and my instructions were that it not be published.

  “It did go online for nine minutes. [Emphasis added.] And the content of that column I strongly disagree with, and that column was about Lyle Caldwell. No one mentioned it or commented on it until two days ago. It was online for nearly a month. And within an hour of being notified, the managing editor of Abbotsford Today called Lyle, and we put an apology on the website.

  “But as an owner of that website I am accountable for it, and I want to just say publicly, in front of everybody, that I apologize to Lyle and I’m sorry that happened.

  “Thank you.”