By Richard Peachey.

The AbbotsfordFirst website denounces the existence of “negative press” in our city:

“In recent years negative press has become commonplace in Abbotsford . . . . The citizens of Abbotsford deserve better.”  [Emphasis theirs.]

Now what is the main source of this “negative press” that is plaguing us? Why, it’s . . . Abbotsford Today! Which is co-owned by the AbbotsfordFirst party’s own star candidate, Vince Dimanno!

Recently, Dimanno and his partner Mike Archer admitted this and promised to change:  [Red colour indicates emphasis added.]

“There is actually a fine line between fighting back and becoming a bully yourself. When you’ve been persecuted for long enough, it feels like nothing is ever “too hard”, but that is not true.

“Here at Abbotsford Today, we have crossed that line on occasion, and we want to apologize.

“We want to engage in a debate over issues. When those we wish to debate won’t answer for their actions,we have attacked them personally. Our intention has been to protect you and punish the bully.

“We won’t do that anymore.

The methods we have used to govern ourselves have to change. The people who have controlled the agenda in Abbotsford, largely from behind the scenes, for so long, need to go.

We are no longer afraid of them.

“We’ve stood up to the bullies, and with any luck, they will soon be exiting the stage. It is now time for us to begin a more civil and productive exchange of ideas.

Great! Now that you think the incumbents will be succumbing to your years of negative press, you want to set the stage for only positive reviews of your own performance when (you hope) you get in.

Highly ironic, isn’t it, that the AbbotsfordFirst party’s promotional material denounces the very thing their star candidate has made to proliferate in our fair city.