Having used his partner, Mike Archer, for years, to smash away at Abbotsford council, Vince Dimanno thinks he has wreaked sufficient damage to drive through the wreckage and seize power in the resultant vacuum.

Only now with the whiff of victory in his nostrils he suddenly remembers about those years of ugly articles.  They must be removed from view, purged.  Now.

And purge away it has been at ‘Abbotsford Today’.  So Vince/Mike heaped slathering praise on John Smith, a man whom they relentlessly tore at.  Now that John is retiring, thereby opening up a seat at the council table, Dimanno/Archer can hardly contain their joy.  They hasten to post a ‘Thank you John Smith’.

But the owners of Abbotsford Today must really fear that Lyle Caldwell might move into the empty chair, instead of its rightful owner, Vince Dimanno – obviously.  So of course Lyle has an article devoted entirely to him.  It was a ghastly attack.  It was vile, filthy, cruel and disgusting.  But it was also standard fare at the on-line news owned by Vince Dimanno and Mike Archer.

At the October, Bradner town hall meeting I listened to some of the founding members of Dimanno’s ‘Abbotsford Ratepayers Association’ interact with Ross Siemens.  They were incredulous that Ross would link himself with a man whose primary claim to fame for almost a decade has been that he is President of a group that died a chaotic, dysfunctional premature death.  Dimanno never missed a beat, but went on to great heights, claiming to be the president of a large group, a group that was dissolved by the official BC Registry in April of 2012, for NEVER having filed ANY documents since its inception.

Dimanno’s ARA website continued to solicit donations — for a long-defunct association — right into October of this year.  I merely asked for some documents so that the questions surrounding the Dimanno/ARA claims could be resolved.  Instead, both Archer and Dimanno have threatened me with legal action.  Just produce the paperwork if you have a valid claim to being the President of a significant association.  Nothing to it.

But rather than take this easy step, Dimanno/Archer went into overdrive.  The ARA website that had lain rather dormant, got a flurry of activity.  Within 24 hours all sorts of deletions and alterations happened.  Dimanno EVEN went into an old post and changed the historic date on his own entry.

Now since this duo were threatening me for — I’m not sure what, they could hardly leave the multitude of their own posts that attacked and vilified, and I would suggest even told untruths about other people.  So HISTORIC REVISIONISM came to Abbotsford Today.

Now it’s all sweetness and light in the Dimanno/Archer world.  You must forget, you must not see, and you must please vote for me,……says Vince Dimanno.


“At Abbotsford Today, we are constantly creating content. Some of it is never published, either because it is factually incorrect or incomplete, or because it is just not good enough. We created a column, intended to be satirical, about Lyle Caldwell.

It wasn’t funny. 

This column, which we never intended to publish has somehow appeared in our RSS Feed, which is the automatic way that other web sites display our content. We are contacting those sites and asking them to take it down and we have also contacted Mr. Caldwell directly to apologize. You can read more about Mr. Caldwell and his campaign for City Council by visiting his web site here. If you have a comment about this item, or can direct us to a web site that may still be displaying this article, please……..”